Global Ecommerce arena has emerged as true catalyst as well as the next frontier in paving perfect path for Influencer Marketing


The advent of the global and one of the histories ever surging issue COVID-19 Pandemic, has no doubt hugely arrested the otherwise booming Influencer marketing industry to a certain extent-however one can’t seriously knock it off from the rulebooks at once. This is hugely due to the fact that most of the drastic shifts are swiftening up of pre-existing trends, rather than the presence of transformative shifts in the market.

The Ecommerce arena has no doubt has been powering as a catalyst during the most uncertain as well as economic downturn times of COVID-19 Pandemic, it has however paved as the next frontier, with support from the social media platforms that have rolled out latest client friendly features for facilitating the Influencer marketing process during long run. For Ex: – Instagram has come out recently with the shoppable branded content. The overall surge for the digital buying via online media during the pandemic has quickened up trends, although purchasing spree through social networks is still picking up the steam viz relatively niche activity.

The core value of the brand- as well as the subsequent relationship building arousing round the sensitivities created on backdrop of COVID-19 has raised the bar for demand in the surging expectations for the sales-acclimatized influencer marketing, that has strengthened, as due to the current subsequent economic slump down crisis.

Mary Keane Dawson, the group CEO of the influencer marketing agency Takumi interviewed for the latest report “Influencer Marketing in the Age of COVID-19” stated that “there is a certainly a thrust from the advertisers for having a better attributable activity from our influencers.”

She further stated that “the fast-moving consumer brand products and self-care brands will require to sell off the products and that it will have a complete reasonable to have performance element to the same.”

In our June 2020 survey with Bizrate Insights, 70.4% concerning US adults had under no circumstances taken a purchase via a conventional media platform. Among those any had performed the plunge, Facebook used to be the nearly frequently ancient flooring because of convivial purchases (18.3%), followed with the aid of Instagram (11.1%) and distantly by means of Pinterest (2.9%).

Reconciling these two parallel but contrary tendencies requires brands in accordance with put in manifest desires yet guidelines for their influencer marketing campaigns. These measures can also help manufacturers manage expectations or determine the metrics because of success.


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