Global leader group unveils new entity launch in UK, Europe and MEA

Global Leader Group Logo and Richard Knight-EMEA Head and MD

Global Leader Group has recently unveiled launching of their latest entity Global Leader Group EMEA, as part of expansion drive covering the European, Middle Eastern as well as African territories, under the expertise of Richard Knight, EMEA’s Co-Founder, Managing Partner.

This expansion drive is outcome of a robust nurtured demand of the firm’s globalized clients within these territories, with the firm’s foundation, based in the Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Its primary objective is for offering an endurance of a native aid as well as expertise to nurture better development within UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Richard Knight will be leading foundation of new division as its new head and have 30 years of expertise amassing huge substantial success record.

Statement from Richard Knight, EMEA’s Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Richard Knight stated out that, “We at the Global Leader Group are excited at the opportunity to continue pursuing our passion of elevating careers and helping leaders develop and thrive through transformational experiences.”

Knight further added to his statement that, “I am passionate about authentic leadership and partnering with organizations to help them build their leaders, execute their strategy, and meet the needs of their customers. This has been at the very heart of my career, and I look forward to continuing this journey leading Global Leader Group EMEA.”

Statement from Jonathan Nabrotzky, founder and CEO, Global Leader Group

Jonathan Nabrotzky, founder and CEO, Global Leader Group, stated out that, “With a talented roster that has experience working alongside heads of state as well as heads of multi-national corporations, our team is more than ready for the opportunity and challenge in working with leaders from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

Global Leader Group offers its vast expertise within the senior level in few amongst global largest, most complex firm, sharing knowledge as well as their proven leadership performance strategies within a part of the global view having huge shift progression in the areas we address.

Global Leader Group is a global professional leadership progression and management consultancy firm.  We are steadfast to exciting leaders to live and lead deliberately. 

A firm of authentic, relationship-led practitioners, Global Leader Group services include practitioner consulting, leadership development, executive search, sales training, and organizational development & strategic HR.


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