Global tallest structure to have 5G Network Availability by the year-end as stated by Etisalat

  • Upping the ante as visioning the goal to make Dubai digitalized and concept of smart city, Etisalat-UAE’s premier 5G Network and telecommunication pioneer across the Middle East states that there would soon be 5G network coverage in Burj Khalifa, global tallest tower.
  • In fact, Etisalat is planning to launch 1000 plus 5G towers across UAE by the year-end.
  • Etisalat also stated that the First 5G call is a significant step for the company as it will prove the networks readiness and constant availability of the 5G Networks as well as services within the country.

Etisalat also stated that it aims to provide its customers at all times unique experience by enjoying lightning-fast speeds and faster response time on the 5G network up to 1Gbps and lower latency to one millisecond.

5G technology spectrum allows the users a platform wherein it’s around 20 times faster than 4G and with ultra-low latency, to allow the users for streaming live 4k resolution video anywhere at any time, with virtually no lag.

With the 5G technology platform, consumers will be able to witness unparalleled network speed allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted 4K & HD videos, AR/VR services, cloud gaming from anywhere in UAE, advanced robotics, autonomous transport, 3D printing, and wearable technologies.

The company also added that its main objective is in building 1000 plus 5G towers across UAE during 2019 in enabling 5G coverage. Etisalat commenced on their journey on the 5G platform in 2014 as well as started constructing the network with a team of engineers and specialists dedicated to building one of the most advanced networks in the region.