Gulf’s E-commerce boom paves a perfect platform for the Chinese payment firm iPayLinks

  • Aiming in building up of a one-stop payment solution for entire Middle Eastern tertiary iPayLinks-Chinese based payment firm wishes to accelerate its expansion and bolster its cross-border payment platform into tertiary with the utilization of the E-commerce boom.

The company’s penetration into the regional fintech space comes as the Middle East is swiftly establishing it as an emerging cross-border e-commerce market with the booming in smartphone penetration and growing consumer purchasing power.

  • In a statement aimed in an expansion of its Middle Eastern cross-border business, the company who already have a licensed branch in Dubai, as well as a SAGIA licensed subsidiary in Riyadh, wish to have good growth.

MENA’s online sales have yet again continued registering and putting up an impressive growth with the region’s trade volume expected to reach $26 billion by 2020.

iPayLinks whose headquarters is in SagiaShangai is seeking for bridging China’s and the Middle East’s e-payment industry thereby contributing to the region’s e-commerce growth and flexible payment facilities.

Ben Wang, Regional Director, iPayLinks stated that “Business-to consumers is swiftly a growing trend for e-payments among consumers in the GCC region. We also visualize that they are expecting that business-to-business will follow suit as more companies warm up the idea of quickly moving out most of payments options online.”

“The GCC and UAE, both, in particular, are thronging on leading from the front as more native businesses embrace over the cross-border business. iPayLinks, in this way, is strategically placed in offering a better seamless service enhancing cross-border e-commerce. iPayLinks thus would provide a real-time solution-based platform that would, in turn, be ready to meet expectations of native e-commerce business’s demands by having cooperation with native claimants as well as financial institutions.”

He also stated that iPayLinks also aspires to a build-up of a cross-border e-wallet platform for B2B transactions, start-up enterprises, and marketplace merchant activities.

Thus, according to iPayLinks, it supports in streamlining procedure of pay in as well as a payout from vendors within the tertiary, in turn, boosting up higher revenues and avoid extra charges.