Hodlnaut unveiled its latest Android Application


The Singapore-backed Crypto lending, borrowing platform recently unveiled its latest brand-new Android Application platform post successful beta testing done in the September 2021.

During August month, this year, the firm had also launched successfully its iOS application, as they broadcasted that the Android App launch will follow soon after. A per the firm’s announcement, the Hodlnaut Android App permits their clients to deposit and withdraw the reinforced cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere from their android phones.

As per the firm’s announcement, the current release provisions deposits, withdrawals, sign-up, identity verification. Clients can also check their interest statements, manage the account settings and export the statements to view them later.

Statement from Juntao Zhu, CEO, Co-Founder of Hodlnaut.

“We are thrilled to have launched our Android App that will allow users to manage their crypto assets on the go,” stated Juntao Zhu, CEO, and Co-Founder of Hodlnaut. “Hodlnaut’s Android App will simplify the user experience as it delivers information right at their fingertips”, he added.

Hodlnaut also had unveiled Android User Referral Program along with the app launch to encourage their clients to download the application.

Hodlnaut, promptly announced that, with quick access to data like pending interest payout, current crypto balance, and answers to commonly asked questions, clients have everything they require within the application.

They also added further that the application also empowers clients to share their affiliate links within their network via social media and messaging apps on their android phones. Moreover, clients can swap tokens with utmost ease within the app. The Hodlnaut Android App is secured out with a pin, face identification to ensure robust security.

The Hodlnaut Android App is accessible for download on Play Store.



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