Hospitality Major Oyo in pursuit to launch Hospitality 2.0 for GCC Market, thereby, meeting the new normal ecosystem


The hospitality major Oyo Hotels and Rooms are in pursuit of launching an initiative Hospitality 2.0 for the GCC Market that is exclusively aimed for offering better peace of mind for the clients that also takes care of utmost standardisation in sanitisation procedures.

This also will induce a complete transition that will witness the global hospitality firm unveiling a mass campaign for latest technology as well as human-driven safety features for mitigating any issues with minimal risk, maximum output even with the Pandemic-induced’ latest norms’ in the hospitality arena.

As per the words of a senior official of the firm stated that “The core drastic variations that is included under this initiative would have setting up of following things: –

  • Airline-style Kiosks.
  • Minimal Contact check-in as well check-out process.
  • Hyper-emphasis over sanitisation across the functions.
  • Latest portfolio of Value-Added Services.

Manu Midha, head of OYO’s Middle East operations stated that “At the closure of the day, the travel market with greater support from individuals as well as government performs actively towards public safety as well as the economy to run in a stabilized way. The Hospitality arena will also be striving hard towards defining Hospitality 2.0 in the new normal.”

He further emphasized that “As a group Oyo, they believe mainly regarding the fact that the striving cutting edge technology coupled with the stringent human efforts is primarily the best source for making all this a reality.”

Mr. Midha further added that “With more and more nations lifting up the native and global travel restrictions, they are witnessing a surge in demand in travel and hospitality arena powering way for travel schedule around the region in the next few months.”

Latest Features: –

OYO, which entered the UAE want of October 2018, has finished a footmark over 4,461 keys within 310 lodges and properties by means of the end of previous year.

Midha stated that “The measures for this should include intensive screening regarding the guests at some point of check-in, the duration over the remain and check-out, disinfecting baggage or components delivered in accordance with the hotel, coaching staff concerning the pandemic focus and management, mandatory uses regarding PPE with the aid of all resort staff, government about communal distancing practices, intense SOPs round F&B, laundry yet utilization over visitor facilities or limiting visits via non-residents.”

OYO’s planned automated, contactless check-in, check-out facilities will feature machines verifying guest’s credentials earlier than assigning a room range yet dispensing a room keycard, who ought to keep a disposable paper visiting card with a barcode for revelation the room.

As because of robotization on guest services, the purposes choice includes utilization of voice and intercoms for room service orders as well as sensor-based far off analysis and renovation over entire essential room equipment, like air-conditioners, TVs as well as toilet fixtures.

The OYO executive suggested the proposed modern portfolio on value-added services pleasure encompass accommodations supplying hygiene packs about masks or extremity sanitiser, transportation preferences the place whole cars are absolutely sanitised within passengers then even a hotline in conformity with organize for pandemic testing for concerned travellers.

“The Hospitality 2.0 initiative is aimed at offering increased peace concerning idea in accordance with company at OYO hotels and ensuring standardisation of sanitisation procedures,” Midha said.

He spoke of OYO also launched the ‘OYO Sanitised Stays Certification Programme’ because of its authorized motel companions to confirm trust in accordance with every fitness yet security pointers into each market.

The SoftBank-backed Indian start-up unicorn is currently current among as regards 800 cities into various nations.


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