How THE UAE’S Banking, Education, And Dynamic Financial Arena has lead perfect pathway for a Digital Transformation in Facing up the Impending Crisis


In the wake of the impending crisis, the UAE’s banking and finance, education, and retail sectors are swiftly adopting digital transformation to deliver in the business continuity, client happiness and satisfaction, sensible services, as per the announcement done from the Industry backed specialists in the present context.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development recently mandated that a resounding eighty percent of personal sector workforce to figure remotely. Condo Protego, the leading UAE-based IT infrastructure and knowledge management practice and solutions supplier argues about the result, achieved by the BFSI, education, and retail sectors have led in innovating technology.

“In the face of current impending crisis, remote work, distance learning, and virtual malls are samples of the UAE’s non-public sector supporting short-run business continuity, happy customers, and digital resiliency, and reworking industries and business aggressiveness within the long-run,” aforesaid Andrew Calthorpe, CEO, Conde Protego.

By 2022, KPMG predicts that eighty percent of revenue growth can depend upon digital offerings and operations – that means early adopters will have a competitive edge.

Banking and Financial Bigwigs Boost Remote Work: –

The UAE’s banking and financial arena has already been optimally utilizing the latest disruptive mechanisms like BigData, AI, and machine learning to alter client services. Now, the hottest encounter is moving the IT workforce to remote operating. Corporate have had to get hardware, secure access to knowledge and applications, and adopt collaboration platforms.

Education Innovation Provisions E-Learning: –

About 1.1 million public and personal faculty students have attached emotionally from the otherwise conventional classroom to e-learning platforms alike to Google room, ClassDojo, and Seesaw, with distance learning currently through the complete Spring 2020 educational term. Supporting remote learning, over 42,000 educators received e-learning qualifications from the UAE Ministry of Education and Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart AI University.

Retailers and Restaurants rework Offers and Virtual Malls: –

As UAE malls have closed for the predictable future, retailers and restaurants are re-orienting to deliveries and developing plans to launch virtual malls. Customized client looking offers, Geo-location services, and targeted selling are delivering the products and services that maintain business and society. Andrew Calthorpe stated that “UAE organizations ought to communicate knowledgeable and tough channel partners to align strategic business goals with info management ways in hardware acquisition, IT infrastructure, and business package.”


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