Huawei announces alliance with AppGallery at the Huawei Developer Conference 2021


Huawei, recently announced at its annual Huawei Developer Conference 2021, for innovating in the financial services via the open banking prospects with partners AppGallery. Business representatives joined Huawei experts to discourse innovative ideas for AppGallery, with attention on client safety.

Statement from Siri G. Borsum, vice president of global vertical eco-development and financial partnerships at Huawei Consumer Business Group

Siri G. Borsum, vice president ofglobal vertical eco-development, financial partnerships at Huawei Consumer Business Group, stated out that, “We are delighted to share our plans for the AppGallery financial services segment. Opportunities in this area have increased lately, and soon we will be welcoming new fintech players who want to make a splash by innovating.”

Latest Open Banking Prospects for Financial Security

As per the firm’s statement, AppGallery has a global audience of 730 million and with alliance with the Huawei, the firm stated that it is committed to offer them with access to the latest banking and payment applications via the utilization of latest technologies with the aid of their partners.

The firm also announced that Noffe is a latest addition to the AppGallery, in the application, open banking technologies are utilized to instil savings habits in Norwegian children. Bluecode offers its European clients a convenient payment solution utilizing out the AppGallery’s QR codes and NFC prospects.

As before, Huawei cares about the financial safety of its clients, is overviewing for partners among FinTech firms to meet the hurdles. Huawei publishes tips for users on how to utilize the open banking to better control their finances.

AppGallery powers innovation along with the partners

AppGallery announced that they have formed alliance with the Brett King (Brett King), author of the book The Rise of Technosocialism.  host of the popular podcast FinTech Breaking Banks, Siri G. Borsum spoke about current variations in buyer behaviour, aimed at enlightening the usability of products.

In 2020, the overall account of clients of banking applications upsurged by 45%, which specifies latest prospects for developers.

“Given the changes in the financial services industry, there is tremendous innovation potential in this industry,” Brett King stated. “Today, the largest financial institutions around the world tend to be digital-oriented.”

With AppGallery, Huawei hopes to power innovation aiding out the FinTech app developers comprehend their potential while generating revenue.

Ms Bersum spoke about the security and protection system created by Huawei. It provides a developer verification procedure, a four-step verification process, additional protection when downloading and installing applications, and a fraud prevention mechanism to ensure the safe operation of applications.



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