Hybrid Learning modules to evolve learning curve


There is a huge transition in today’s educational world as it had turned as a catalyst for turning over the outdated educational module and powering forth innovation, not just in the educational standards as well as policies, but also via path which was like approaching an average classroom.

Thanks to pandemic and sudden school closures, innovation- specifically technological innovation, has proved vital as it had mitigated out the gap left via hurdles of an in-person classroom. It was robustly filled via video conferencing tools, learning software, and more.

Such prevailing circumstance have thus, powered way for hybrid learning (part in-person, part online) backed technology-based educational model to power out forthcoming step in the learning experience evolution curve.

Statement from Christopher Petrie, Director of Digital Learning at New Nordic School


Christopher Petrie, Director of Digital Learning at New Nordic School shared that, “the pandemic has made us question the very purpose of education and the means by which we provide it. There’s a need to modernize, to be aligned with what matters today. Models like hybrid learning are designed to help students have a say in their own learning journey while catering to the needed skills of the 21st century and being relevant to the modern world.”

New Nordic School is altering current systems of education via their pre-K to grade 12 hybrid education system that blends the renowned Finnish curriculum, global pedagogy, and hybrid learning.

The AI-powered system dynamically offers custom-made tools and resources for each student while permitting them to explore their natural creativity, determining their true passions, and shape their own future. New Nordic School’s partner schools are opening around the globe.

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