In Saudi Arabia cloud business will get a newer dimension with Google teaming alongside Aramco

Saudi Arabia has joined the globalized network of Google based Cloud Platform territories.

For building up as well as operation of Cloud Data Centres across Saudi Arabia, Google Cloud has united up with Saudi Aramco Development Company, a subordinate of oil giant Aramco.

With this joint venture (JV) providing a plethora of cloud solutions as well as services for its enterprise clients, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined the elated Google Cloud Platform territories’ globalized network, thereby having a huge prominence over the inside businesses within the Saudi Arabia.

Thomas Kurian, Google’s Cloud CEO stated that: “They are hugely steadfast dedicative for aiding the businesses completely modernize and as well as providing an access for its clients to have swifter digitalized shift with the Google Cloud and alongside this agreement, Google Cloud’s unique ground breaking technological aid as well as solutions will empower global clients as well as enterprises across Saudi Arabia’s turf for aiding them to better serve the final clients.”

This latest in class cloud territory is all poised and anticipated for deliverance of digital products as well as services swifter as well as more reliably to clients within Saudi Arabia, while addressing data inhabitants’ necessities within the regulated sectors.

Ahmad Al Sa’adi, Aramco’s Senior Vice President for the Technical Services, stated that: “We all are currently existing within a global village that is powered wholly by data, as it has truly become critical that the firms not just only necessarily have a secure infrastructure for protection of the Enterprise vital data, however, also for the perfect tools that provide best utilization of it.

The Google Cloud brought forward delivering a plethora of noteworthy advantages provided via Google Cloud, both at the present as well as in near future.” The collaboration comes amid speedily intensifying the cloud services mandate in Saudi Arabia, which is anticipated to influence a market prospect of up to $10bn within the year 2030. Improved reliance on online services during the Covid-19 pandemic has further fast-tracked the shift toward digital solutions.


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