Intellectual Capitalization-Next Key from a Futuristic National Prospective

Human minds are one of the best creations of God to date and also his most significant gift to entire human beings. Now steps have been taken to capitalize, create, preserve and develop a pool of best brains (social, intellectual capitalization) driven with a vision to ensure the prosperity of a Nation, its industries and societal value. Global Experts and Michio Kaku, a US theoretical physicist and futurist present in World Future conference held in Dubai on February 26Th voiced that “Intellectual capital generation is an art of wealth generation.” This human intellectual capital will power creativeness of pool of best minds with golden data-based treasure that will fuel the Nations Industries, generate better futuristic oriented economic rise and trustworthy workforce. Mr. Kaku added that amongst all leading potential economies, UAE (Dubai) with its futuristic oriented visions, target-based dynamic young, educated and enthusiastic workforce have potential to transform it as a ‘Global Intellectual capital hub’ within 2025. He also pointed out the rise and fall of two nations like Singapore and Venezuela. Both have an absolute abundance of Natural capital sources. However, little natural resources are not enough for the sustenance of national supremacy as in the case of Venezuela. Singapore like Dubai has the young intellectual workforce and therefore without any natural resources, it still is one of the wealthiest countries worldwide. This event was organized by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance, to mark the innovation and innovators as part of UAE’s innovation month. The eminent speakers also quoted that Governmental interference and contribution towards critical decisions in the wake of national interests hold key along with the citizens of that country towards the creation of a first societal principles and Nation economic rise. They also discussed a crucial point as to how governments must ease out the tax policies and regulations to ease out the entrepreneurs and start-up business. Mr. Kaku emphasized how he could start a firm in the US just within no time with the support of only a small call which is not the case in any other country. Ross Dawson, an Australian author, futurist, and former stockbroker, an eminent speaker also emphasized that “There must be no governments and that they should be known as enablers thus creating a world which would be more participative as well as would create a better value for society.” Dubai’s overall growth has been bolstered primarily as a result of growing importance of SME’s or start-ups that constitutes prime age group of 25 plus to 35 years and have 50 percent or more of such registered industries employing half of the workforce. Thus, major industrial units have fresh minds and not aging minds. These intellectuals are also given both theoretical as well practical oriented learning aspects from school, college as well during the tenure of employability to nurture and thus create a pool base comprising of best intellectual minds.