Kazoo, emergency calls reinvented!

Image Credit: - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Kazoo, a startup in the US, developed a B2B mobile SOS technology that saves lives through enhanced 911 connectivity – transforms any smartphone into a personal safety lifeline to ensure total peace of mind for tens of millions of users worldwide.

More than 240 million 911 calls are made annually. Every single day, tens of thousands of these calls are sent to the wrong emergency call center due to call routing errors. The misrouted calls then have to be transferred to the correct jurisdiction before help can be sent.

Kazoo technology ensures accurate call routing every single time by enabling victims to connect to 911 and automatically relay precise pinpoint location data to first responders – this results in speedier response times that victims so desperately need. Kazoo’s product roadmap includes migration towards Web 3.0 (interconnectivity between smartphones, smart medical devices/wearables, car telematics, home security systems, and more). The Kazoo platform will provide preemptive safety and security capabilities for users across all types of mobile devices, allowing for maximum market penetration.

Kazoo is based in the US and founded by Peter Goodman and is backed by a team of dedicated experts.

 The startup is also supported by FasterCapital after having joined the Raise Capital program whereby Kazoo will be matched with a network of angel investors and funding sources to attain the capital as soon as possible.

Kazoo is planning to raise 500K in order to grow and expand the team and the services. If you are interested in investing in Kazoo and in possibly changing the experience of calling 911 for thousands  of people, please contact the founder, Peter Goodman on his linkedIn or email.


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