Leonardo to unveil cutting edge technology at Expo 2020 Dubai


Italian Leonardo will be displaying their robotic drill at the Expo 2020 Dubai for drilling on the Martian soil. Besides it, the firm will also be displaying accurate atomic clock built in for the space applications, as well as the solitary tiltrotor in the market set to receive civil certification.

Leonardo’s participation at the Expo 2020 Dubai, commencing on October 1st and taking place for the initial time in the Arabian Peninsula will be centred around the technologies mentioned.

Leonardo, being a pioneer high-tech firm globally and Italy, will be Platinum Sponsors for the Italian Pavilion, are strong to contribute to the event – a global showcase of future solutions – as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability in the strategic technologies of its sectors of operation, both in Italy and in the UK, US, Poland and Germany.

As announced from the firm, Leonardo’s hydrogen atomic clock boasts out being most globally accurate invention, losing just one second every three million years. European Galileo satellite navigation system as per firm’s announcement is the most precise ever made for the civilian use.

The one on display in Dubai is a new project: the RbPOP (Rubidium Pulsed Optically Pumped) rubidium atomic clock, which provides the same performance but weighs just 10 kg.

The robotic drill organized to blast off to Mars with the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars 2022 mission, shaped with the provision of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), will also be on presentation.

As per the firm’s announcement the breakthrough innovation is set to break a global record: drilling up to 2 metres into Martian soil, comparatively to the existing 7 cm reached so far.

With five times less power than a domestic drill (80 watts) and 60 revolutions per minute, it will drill into the ground using a polycrystalline diamond bit. It will hunt for traces of past or present life, which at that depth should not have been ruined by the Red Planet’s cosmic radiation.

As part of the firm’s strategic vision for urban aviation in the near future, Leonardo has built – with its Emirates partner Falcon Aviation Services – a fresh concept helicopter terminal at the Dubai Expo site, displaying the latest frontier in vertical mobility.

The travellers’ spaces are intended to house showrooms where commercial and cultural activities can be offered, within a structure built with sustainable materials. They can effortlessly remodelled or reallocated as the requirements of urban transport and the city itself changes.

The firm also announced that for The AW609 tiltrotor is the firm’s global first in the aviation sector. It is the only aircraft of its kind set to receive civil certification. Thanks to the ability to transformation of the position of the two drive shafts in less than 60 seconds, it can take-off vertically like a helicopter while flying with the execution of an aeroplane.

The firm as well claims that it is capable of execution of diverse types of missions, from passenger transport to medical care, from civil protection to search and rescue, the AW609 can fly at over 500 km/h. It has a range of almost 1,400 km, which upsurges to over 2,000 km with auxiliary tanks.

The firm also was quick to announce featuring in Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores’ ‘Saper Fare’ documentary. This journey via the Italian craft and manufacturing custom, identical with fineness and made in Italy, will be screened in a steadfast area inside the Italian Pavilion.

Indiana Production’s cameras arrived at some of the Leonardo group’s factories, documented as national flagships of innovation: Nerviano (MI) is the home of the world class space technologies on display in the Italian Pavilion; Grottaglie (TA), the site of the progress of innovative aero structures for civil aeronautics; the Fucino (AQ) and Matera space centers are known internationally for their core role in the provision of satellite services.


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