Mawani and Tabadul launch Truck Management System in Jeddah Islamic Port

For raising operational efficiency and in line with the protective measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Riyadh: 6 October 2020 : Tabadul, Saudi Arabia’s leading digital solutions provider to effectively promote global trading system, in cooperation with Saudi Ports Authority, “Mawani”, today announced the launch of the first phase of the “Truck Management System” in Jeddah Islamic Port, a step aimed at raising the operational efficiency of the port and in line with the protective measures taken by the Kingdom to limit the spread of COVID-19.

 The Truck Management System contributes to organizing and managing the capacity of various ports, using the latest technologies to book appointments, monitor and manage truck movements, and electronically connect all the concerned government agencies which inter-correlate to operate and manage this system.

 The System further enables exporters and importers to book appointments through FASAH platform, a single e-window for import and export in Saudi Arabia, for the pre-coordination of truck transit in the Jeddah Islamic Port in order to organize the movement of these trucks, reduce the crowded routes to the port, speed up the procedures of customs clearance, reduce the overcrowding and waiting time at docks, as well as assist in the truck flow movement and raising work efficiency.

HE Eng. Saad Abdulaziz Alkhalb, President of Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani), commented: “We are working on a set plan to expand the Truck Management System project to include all ports of the Kingdom. After the project was successfully implemented in King Abdulaziz Port Dammam, King Fahd Causeway in Bahrain, and Al Bathaa Port with the UAE, we are excited to announce the first phase of Truck Management System in Jeddah Islamic Port, where the system will serve to reduce time and effort by speeding up the customs clearance procedures for trucks and electronically organize their operation before they arrive at the relevant port of export, as an optional procedure for the exporting party.”

Emphasizing the importance of the Truck Management System, Eng. Alkhalb said that the System provides the possibility of pre-reservation for trucks before arriving at ports, leading to the truck flow process, speeding up the procedures of truck customs clearance, boosting the efficiency of operational ports and reducing the waiting time of trucks.

Eng. Alkhalb noted that Truck Management System generally organizes the trucks and their flow movement to and from different ports of the Kingdom in a smart way by accelerating the customs clearance process and ensuring vehicles are in place on their specified time. He also noted that these steps will serve the transit of a large number of trucks efficiently and smoothly 24/7, resulting in facilitating the movement of trade across the Kingdom’s borders.

The expansion process of Truck Management System aligns with the outstanding and high-quality e-services provided by Tabadul based on smart solutions that will raise the effectiveness of logistic services in both public and private sectors, in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

FASAH platform is considered the smartest project of its type in finalizing customs procedures at a regional level since it contributes in consistently raising the quality of services and developing them in customs ports, making a quantum leap in facilitating, speeding up and reducing the time previously spent in paperwork. The platform, currently, serves over 68,000 exporters and importers, and the daily average electronic transactions conducted through the platform is estimated to approximately 300,000.


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