Metapulse takes initiative towards curbing Ransomware attacks


The report states Metapulse a start-up providing ransomware solutions with the utility of algorithmic analysis, autonomous intelligence, and a decentralized system is striking back against ransomware following a chain of attacks targeting critical operations worldwide.

As per the report Metapulse has developed an algorithm implemented in their mechanism, that allows immunity with enterprise data, in the event of an active attack that has arbitrated the target machine, stating that desired data in the intent of encrypting and demanding ransom will be ineffective and to no purpose, this is due to core modules in Metapulse affecting the way enterprise data is established and secured inside the network. While ransomware detection is implemented in the rig to run algorithmic analysis against ransomware variants, the data allocation sector of Metapulse is the key to solving the evolving threat in ransomware attacks.

Metapulse states to integrate relay-chat broadcasting through messaging clients into their solutions providing enterprises with the ability to receive real-time events such as threat detection and the allocation of data anywhere around the world along with any device, the development of their product is an industry-changing mechanism and quite impressive, that can provide relief from the compromising plague of ransomware attacks all around the globe.

They have tested their components with variants like the 2017 WannaCry and Ransomware that utilize high-end exploits to compromise machines and have provided that even with the bypass of the primary detection mechanism, Ransomware has shown to be useless after running a 16-hour vacuum test with Metapulse implemented in the host machine prior to infection. Once the node has been hit, the data is still accessible within the machine internally and externally, providing illogical reasoning behind ransom payments in exchange of a decryption key, as documented by the report.

Metapulse claims to continue expanding development of their algorithm, urging that there is definitely an aspiration to solve the ransomware crisis and take up the accountability on what will be the company’s further advancement in solving this threat and providing aid for enterprises around the world and in our nation.

The report documented that not only has the security firm acknowledged their one-of-a-kind solution, they are formatting an ecosystem in protecting digitals assets in the decentralized world, providing vulnerability analysis on Smart Contracts which are allocated digital files containing code that powers a mechanism which in this case are mostly decentralized currencies. They are planning to further expand and progress in the security world, while implementing various solutions to protect the data of many enterprises that power the economy and its services.



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