Morocco to unveil Morocco Now in Expo 2020 Dubai


Morocco is in pursuit to officially unveil Morocco Now, investment-export brand, on the lines with Kingdom’s Expo 2020 Dubai participation.

As per a statement, Morocco Now initiative is targeted for offering Morocco, a global class industrial as well as the export platform for upsurging the foreign investment. Within the background of the global economy facing swifter changes necessitating economic stakeholders to adapt: –

Environmental emergency, consumer pressure and new regulations make it essential to adopt decarbonised production; and

COVID crisis has led to a global value chains reorganization towards less global dependence and more regional integration.

The statement also stated that, “In this context, Morocco Now is the future-proof industrial platform to capture the opportunities of a changing world. It builds on a successful track record of economic transformation making Morocco a reliable destination and a high investment and export potential.”

As per the statement reported, Morocco Now platform unveils four typical assets and they are: –

NOW Sustainable, touching around 37% of the energy mix with renewable vitalities in 2020 and targeting 52% by 2030, with an installed capacity of 4GW in 2021 made imaginable by visionary investments since 2009.

NOW Competitive, submission of the “Best Cost” prospect – based on competitive production and export costs – structuring on a privileged access to more than 1 billion consumers thanks to 54 free trade agreements and being the gate to Africa’s rapid growth potential.

NOW Well-Proven, showing successful track record of implementing foreign investment in highly strategic and technical sectors and of delivering mega infrastructure projects, while investing in Moroccan youth competencies.

NOW Agile, with a remarkable capacity to adapt part of Morocco’s DNA, as demonstrated while quickly reallocating industrial tools to health equipment during COVVID crisis, and implementing best in class vaccination roll-out paving the way for a rapid economic recovery.

According to the statement, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has built first-class trade and transport infrastructures and has definitively embarked on the path of industrial emergence over the past 20 years, namely: Tanger Med, No 1 sea connection in Africa and the Mediterranean and #20 in the world.

The statement also added, “In a context of global value chains reorganization, we are pleased to announce our new investment and export brand to the world, which reflects the dynamism and economic competitiveness of Morocco. The Moroccan delegation in charge of presentation of this new identity confirms the commitment of all public and private stakeholders for the success of our national investment and export brand.

As per the released statement, releasing lately the “new development model”, the Kingdom of Morocco has depicted up a clear roadmap for its development in the years to come. This new strategy is braced by the progress of Morocco as a future-proof industrial platform.

The appointment of a latest pro-business government reinforces these economic and industrial dynamics, and guarantees the obligatory synergies and a pragmatic approach to pave the way for competitive, proactive and sustainable investment, the statement added.

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