Multi-Billion AI opportunity eyed by GCC Nations capitalizing on a $300 Billion boom in emerging technology


There is a proposal for the native Artificial Intelligence centre of excellence as proposed from Tech Experts by creation of latest “AI centre of Excellence” across Middle East territory for capitalization of an estimated $300 Billion boom across emerging technology.

This is predicted post the global audit firm PwC estimates that the AI arena will power way for $300 Bn Middle Eastern economy within 2030, driven with support of mega-projects that would in turn pave pathway for latest wave of Innovation.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project, that is a $500 Billion initiative that is credited hugely for the creation of a huge hi-tech urban community in the entire north-western desert – also touted as the solitary single largest global AI project. UAE, has emerged as the solitary nation globally to appoint a full-term minister that is solely responsible for the AI affairs.

The President of the Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain Dr. Jassim Haji, stated that the “Latest and brand newer AI-backed roles will start appearing within the subsequent year, amidst the native surge in the optimal utilization of automation. He also stated that most of the native mega-projects are being carried out by the technology pioneered giants, wherein inevitably, there is involvement of technology transfer.”

It will thus support in addition of AI skills across economies in regions that includes Bahrain, that boasts of a well-educated young, dynamic workforce that is also digitally-aware demographic.

He further stated that “For capitalizing upon core technological shift, that will be supportive for forming a perfect base in launching up of latest Middle Eastern Centre of Excellence would enable latest focus on home-grown revolution and up-skilling the native workforce in research for a range of latest roles. The optimal utilization of core Artificial Intelligence unit in Middle East will support in swifter operations across a plethora of sectors that also brings upon huge surge in productivity as well as laying a robust latest economy for the future.”

Dr. Haji notes to that amount quite a few countries between the MENA place hold taken important advances in the direction of clever cities or smart governments then have institutionalised AI of rule ministries or academia. “The place has been a quickly adopter over AI strategies then methods,” she said.

While every eye is on NEOM or the significant projects among the UAE yet someplace else among the Gulf, Dr. Haji believes Bahrain has the probability after become a local Centre for AI research then development, including appreciably lower charges compared to sordid hubs.

Last year noticed the start over the Bahrain Polytechnic Academy concerning Artificial Intelligence – the forward about its variety in the place – presenting an integrated expert programme to enhance creativity and innovation in the area over AI. It came since the Kingdom piloted current World Economic Forum pointers because the arrival about synthetic brain of the public sector, designed according to increase the makes use of regarding AI technological know-how through governments.


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