National strategy for the Data and AI revealed by Saudi Arabia


Within 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in pursuit to attract investments that are worth $20 Billion and also provide training for up to twenty thousand data as well as AI specialists. The Arab league’s biggest economy, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has launched upon the National Strategy for Data as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the prime objective of cementing its position amongst the topmost 15 nations within the AI arena within 2030.

The president of Saudi Data as well as Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) Abdullah Bin Sharaf Alghamdi, has finally revealed the strategy while within the opening up of the Global AI summit in the Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh on Tuesday. Mr. Alghamdi stated further that “this is a strategy which cements the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s place alongside its bolder vision of making it the data and AI innovations stronghold and it turning out to be a reality.”

He further added that “this national strategy provides the thrust for proper direction as well as well knead foundation on which Data as well as AI will be core gamechangers for fulfilment of their national transformational prospects as well as establish kingdom as the globalized hub for Data as well as AI.”

The national strategy will be aiming on initiatives for rapid utilization of the AI within the five core sectors that are: –

  • Healthcare.
  • Mobility.
  • Education.
  • Government.
  • Energy.

Mr. Alghamadi also stated that, “with the support of this strategy, in excess of 20,000 data as well as AI specialists will be provided training, that also supports 300 active start-ups in the sector within the next ten years viz 2030. The nation will as well support global partnerships for propelling advancements within Data as well as AI.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is all storming up via technology investments for further diversification of their economy as well as in curbing up its dependency regard the hydrocarbons. As according to a report by consultancy PwC stated that “AI is expected for contribution of 12.4 percent of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) that is equal to Dh496.2 Billion within 2030.”

Mr. Alghamadi also further added that “in present conditions that is prevailing, the world is undergone a lot issue, the history has taught us that such critical junctures are on the crossroads.”

For the betterment of humanity, inaugural two-days summit has been held online under theme of AI. Originally it was destined to take place during March, however due to COVID-19 Pandemic, it was delayed further.

SDAIA further stated during the statement that “the implementation of strategy will be following a multiphase approach aimed at targeting upon addressing prompt requirements for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia till 2025, with respect to expansion of the Data and AI programmes.

It desires to transfer its emphasis according to setting up the fundamentals on a competitive global AI ecosystem by surging specialisations within precise areas over AI in accordance with become certain regarding the lead AI then data-driven economies with the aid of 2030.

The summit will focus of attention over the today’s tendencies between AI and discovering the matters certain as like the technologies have an impact on socio-economic improvement and the challenges confronted by using the global community within its implementation.


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