Nam A Bank launches Open Banking 2.0, offering a wide array of preeminent features via modern, distinctive interface bringing high quality services and one-of-a-kind customer experiences. Apart from fast, safe and secure online banking services such as NAPAS 24/7 Quick Fund Transfer via QR code, bank account registration with number of choice, eKYC, customers are provided with timely updates on market movement and stock indexes right on this app. 

As the global economy accelerates its digital transformation, it will be difficult for Vietnamese banks to avoid falling behind in this inevitable trend in their race to the top. These institutions have invested in IT infrastructure in recent years to enable the introduction of new digital banking services and a portfolio of diverse financial products. The objective is to satisfy customers’ ever-increasing needs.Nam A Bank, believing that digital transformation is critical to business success, has made tremendous strides in digitizing its governance and operations in order to provide an exceptional customer experience through a diverse portfolio of products and services.

In particular, Nam A Bank strives to upgrade Open Baking, a centerpiece in its technology ecosystem, to ensure new and optimal solutions for customers. In Nam A Bank’s Open Banking, customers are provided with the latest technologies enabling fast transactions regardless of time and venue, with plenty of integrated services such as bill payment, mobile top-up, funds transfer, bank appointment scheduling, virtual assistants (Chatbot), among others. The motto “One touch for every experience” has driven Nam A’s continuous improvement of the application, culminating in the launch of Open Banking 2.0, which includes numerous advancements aimed at improving the customer experience.

Let’s take NAPAS 24/7 Quick Fund Transfer via QR code as an example. This feature on Open Banking ensures superfast transfer in a safe and secure manner by just a quick QR code scan. Other in-app features receiving positive customer feedback include gifting and self-service registration with fancy numbers. Customers can select their own account numbers, as well as a phone or identification number if necessary. Even more, they can think of a 9-digit account that may represent prosperity or fortune such as 999888999; 666888999; 777888999; 888666888; 789789789; 123123123, etc. Not only are these digits easily remembered, but they also convey a sense of class, good fortune, or wealth to their Owners.

For investors, Open Banking can provide real-time updates on market activity, stock indexes, and other financial metrics using transparent and precise data. This is also one of the activities consistent with Nam A Bank’s strategic orientation, which emphasizes investment, technology adoption, and digital transformation in order to create an end-to-end financial model.

Furthermore, customers are now just one touch away from all these convenient in-app services on Nam A Bank’s Open Banking, owing to the deployment of eKYC, which streamlines the registration process so that users can open their accounts remotely anytime without going to the physical bank. The new version of Open Banking with multiple advanced features aims to reduce face to face transactions. This helps ensure safety during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic while realizing the goal of non-cash payments of the Government and the State Bank of Vietnam. Nam A Bank’s brand is also recognized with other notable achievements, along with Open Banking, in its technology ecosystem.

The list of accolades, to name just a few, includes being the first bank to use robots in transaction service; the launch of Onebank enabling customers to make 24/7 transactions such as depositing or withdrawing cash, opening a savings account, etc., online instead of visiting a physical branch.

“Fast and unlimited access is a prerequisite to ensure both operational efficiency of the bank and customer contentment. Nam A Bank, hence, places digitalization at the heart of its operations. The continuous improvement and upgrade of Open Banking is one of the testaments to the Bank’s effort in successfully implementing this strategy, bringing optimal customer experience”, said a representative of Nam A Bank. Nam A Bank pioneers in disruptive I4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, mobile payment, real-time transfer, and QR code payment. Nam A Bank is poised to make further advancements in digital governance and operations in the coming years, ensuring that its top-of-the-line products and services delight customers.

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