Progression of a Common Digital Currency for all Central Banks proposed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Lead sources from Aber Projects outcome viewed that the distributed ledger technology would always support the pioneered Central Banking system for development of latest payment channels.

The two pioneers and gulf axle point of Banking system, The Central Banks of the UAE (CBUAE) as well as Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) have launched in officially a common project for further smooth adoption as well as operation of Digital Currency.

Aber’s Projects conclusive report with respect to following ongoing experiments as well as research within the initiative that is already considered one of the initial kinds of global level for all central banks.

With a complete view of development of cross-border payment systems as well as curbing the transfer times as well as the overall rate between all banks, the CBUAE as well as SAMA released in joint statement that it would focus on provisioning a proof of concept for the smooth functioning and issuing of digitalized currency for all Central Banks known as the Wholesale CBDC.

The Statement further emphasized that “Within the trial period, Wholesale CBDC was only utilized from all Central Banking Institutions as well as other Banking pioneers participating as an initiative as a well-knit settlement unit for native as well as cross-border enterprise bank transactions within UAE as well as Saudi Arabia.”

The statement further elaborated that: “Within the complete course of a year, the usage solution was clinically better designed, implemented as well as managed…wherein the possible outcome exhibited better distributed ledger technology that would in turn access all core central banks for development of payment systems within both native as well as at the Cross-Border Levels. This will as well as be a proven experiment alongside having straightforward access for immediate utilization as well as application of technologies like Distributed Ledgers.”

Both the pioneer institutions SAMA as well as the CBUAE have expressed huge satisfaction with the achieved outcomes, that have been depicted as being “hugely beneficial for all central bank community as well as all major financial systems in general.”

“The project outcome are anticipated to provide to fostering clear opinions of the potential of this technology and its applications regard the progressive financial sector,” they added.

Initially announced within the preliminary 2019 with the objective of expansion of Aber Project for transaction of financial settlements within UAE as well as Saudi Arabia via Blockchain as well as distributed ledger backed technology. The Executive Committee for Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council had devised it as one of the topmost priorities based seven core initiatives within its initial meeting in Abu-Dhabi the preceding year.


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