Reflections Staffing partners Health Karma for better healthcare to job seekers


Reflections Staffing have recently elected and partnered with Health Karma, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MediXall Group, data-centric healthcare technology firm to offer their employment seekers better healthcare via eased out access to $0 co-pay medical and behavioural care.

The global mission of Reflections Staffing is for swiftening out access for equal employment prospects, while also offering innovative pathways for better career output, as well as in establishing connection of qualified candidates directly with employers.

Reflections Staffing has partnered with Health Karma, with their overall vision of enhancing quality, lowering cost, and boosting efficiency, for offering up their staffing candidates with a virtual health benefit initiative.

This will be powering out $0 co-pays along with education and tools for giving access to the primary Care, urgent Care and behavioural health that offers them to manoeuvre as well as utilization of proper health care amenities.

Statement from Reflections Staffing Founder, CEO, Michele Marshall

The Founder as well as CEO of Reflections Staffing, Michelle Marshall, stated that, “We want our candidates healthy and productive for long term success. We see Health Karma as a valuable tool to help us meet both our objectives. Between alcohol and drug abuse, mental health concerns, domestic and violence, etc., every job seeker is going through enormous amounts of stress and it’s our job to help these individuals receive the employment and healthcare they need.”

He further added that, “As the COVID-19 pandemic has created a more virtual society, we have an obligation and opportunity to challenge the status quo in changing the difficulty of healthcare accessibility.”

Statement from Health Karma CEO, Travis Jackson

Travis Jackson, CEO of Health Karma, stated out, ““Healthcare is so expensive its affordability is almost completely dependent on your employment, and sadly this is accepted. That is why we are incredibly proud to work with a staffing company that knows the value of investing in its candidates through a high-quality health benefits program.”

He further added that, “This partnership will not only help Reflections Staffing job seekers find their dream job, but give them peace of mind with healthcare coverage.”

Aim involved for both firms

Health Karma’s primary aim is to aid as many employment seekers with reduced healthcare budget involved, whereas Reflections Staffing’s aim shoots up far beyond in form of diminishing every cost associated with the employment, specifically during unprecedented times like COVID-19 Pandemic and at a time there is surge in physical and mental illness.


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