Saudi Arabia’s Digitalized shift to be Driven in by KPMG, and Oracle alliance

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This joint alliance initiative is all envisioned for inspiring the innovation, as well as luring better FDI as well as in creation of better employability measures within the Kingdom.

The KPMG has entered and signed an agreement alongside the perfect aid in form of Software major Oracle in order to aid the progression of the Kingdom’s digitized economy.

Both the firms stated out that the latest strategy was formulated for powering swift adoption of Cloud-backed emerging technologies within Saudi Arabia for acceleration of digitized transformation within the line of Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The KPMG’s Professional Services, Dr Abdullah Al Fozan, stated that: “The pandemic has accelerated efforts of digital transformation, in a space that was already evolving at a high pace. This is the right time to invest more in the digital ecosystem and forge relationships to be stronger and more efficient together.”

This partnership will boost revolution and charm more global investment into Saudi Arabia, thus be a catalyst for job conception. We are enthusiastic to offer the joint capabilities of KPMG Insights Centre and Oracle Innovation Hub to our customers.

A Press release stated that: “Saudi firms are observing the impetus of Cloud-powered digitalized shift across their industries can now take best advantage from the united potential of both the firm’s KPMG’s Insights Centre and Oracle Innovation Hub in Riyadh.”

The alliance will offer administrations in Saudi Arabia access to KPMG’s expertise in aiding the firms to kickstart innovation utilizing the service design and latest cloud powered technologies from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure inclusive of the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning.

Vice President and Country Leader, Oracle Saudi Arabia, Fahad Al Turief stated that “There are several trends pushing business—across all industries—toward the cloud technology in Saudi Arabia and around the world. For most organizations, the current way of doing business might not deliver the agility to grow or provide the platform or flexibility to compete.”

Turief also stated that the alliance would aid in the sustenance of the digital revolution exertions of Saudi establishments.

Under Saudi’s Vision 2030 a Digital Transformation Unit objectives to comprehend the maximum digital progress via the sustainable economic progress, attracting better innovation and ethics through investing in young talent.

In the new alliance, KPMG and Oracle Saudi Arabia administrators will also establish joint seminars, virtual events and sessions with global experts to highpoint best practices, discuss case revisions and offer guidance on digital revolution initiatives.

KPMG’s recent report, CEO Outlook, which measured executives exhibited that digital revolution has become a demanding requirement post-COVID-19 rather than a long-term aspiration, as it will help nations and industries ease the impact of economic crisis, the firm stated.


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