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Sharaf DG Energy’s implementation of residential solar panels has reduced electricity consumption in Dubai by 3,110,000 kWh to date

Dubai, UAE, 21st July 2020 – In line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, Sharaf DG Energy has launched a range of sustainable development initiatives for residents. Dubai will be collectively concentrating on creating an environment friendly energy mix, progressively growing the employment of clean energy sources to 75 per cent by 2050.

This implies that the share of natural gas, currently powering the city of Dubai, will gradually decrease to 61%, as clean energy sources will enter the mix, making up the remaining 39% of the energy supply. Out of all the clean energy sources available, solar energy is set to become the largest contributor.

Since 2012, the futuristic city has been heavily investing in utility-scale solar installations, leading to the development of the Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park, the world’s largest single-site solar park with a planned production capacity of 5 GW by 2030.

With 365 days of abundantly available sunshine, the Dubai government recognizes that solar energy offers the most viable and competitive solution to meet the domestic energy requirements. To complement the clean energy strategy, DEWA is encouraging every resident to install solar panels onto their rooftops, enjoying the benefits of energy savings offered by the Shams Dubai, a net-metering scheme for solar PV systems. Any surplus electricity produced is sold back to DEWA at the same price, which allows residents to roll over their kilowatt hours to the next month to off-set future electricity consumption.

Conforming to Dubai’s vision of becoming the greenest city with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, Sharaf DG Energy is urging villa owners to consider installing solar PV panels on their rooftops and produce their own clean electricity independently. By going solar, Dubai residents will play a central role in accomplishing the city’s clean energy goals.

To provide momentum to the cause, Sharaf DG Energy has created unique solar packages for homeowners. Every package adheres to the high QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management) and includes installing custom engineered solar PV systems, fast approvals and commissioning followed by regular operation and maintenance services.

Alongside to living a sustainable lifestyle, switching to solar energy also provides massive financial savings that is derived from reduced energy consumption. Providing some key insights into residential solar segment, Mr. Sanjay Dabur, Vice-President and Head of Energy Business at Sharaf DG Energy, said, “The carbon emissions of the planet have almost reached irreversible levels. The time to act is now.”

“There are two futures waiting for us. One in which we have not bothered to act on curtailing carbon emissions, where the planet has reached a state of dereliction. The other in which it has turned cleaner and greener than today.”

“The second option is only possible if renewable energy wins at the hands of caring citizens before irreversibility settles in. In fact, enough sunlight falls onto our planet in the space of an hour, more so than what mankind needs in a year. Many residents are now stepping forward to play their part and have ultimately ended up saving money on their electricity bills in the process.”

Sharaf DG Energy recommends solar system sizes that range from a 5 to 20-kilowatt peak, which can be easily installed onto 3+ bedroom villas. Based on Dubai’s consumption trends, a residential solar system can meet 30-40% of a household’s annual energy needs. The company also offers flexible financing options where the payback period on the investment can be met within 4-7 years. The ROI and savings depend on an individual’s electricity usage, the tariff slab and the size of the rooftop solar system. After the system has paid for itself, customers will be able to enjoy reduced electricity bills for the next 20 years.

In addition, Sharaf DG Energy provides every villa owner with a 25-year performance warranty upon commissioning. For the 1st year, the company provides free maintenance services and assists residents to familiarize themselves with the process. Thereafter, the homeowner can perform the simple cleaning process once a month for smooth and efficient performance.

Mr. Dabur says, “We have helped more than 500 families to reduce their electricity consumption by 3,110,000 kWh, the equivalent to savings of 940,000 liters of gasoline annually. We are positively contributing to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy one villa at a time.”

Sharaf DG Energy has an expert team of energy professionals who envision a future where every home will be a solar-powered sustainable hub. The organisation has completed several prestigious solar power projects in the commercial and industrial segment and are now cumulatively directing their efforts to power up Dubai’s villas through their environment-friendly solar initiative.


Diane D’costa

PR Manager, Seven Media

About Sharaf DG Energy

As a progressive and forward-thinking enterprise, Sharaf DG Energy brings together global experience and local knowledge to create sustainable solutions. Founded in 2014 as part of Sharaf Group’s conglomerate of 47 companies, Sharaf DG Energy aims to carry on Sharaf Group’s legacy as leaders in each industry it has operated in, since 1975.

At Sharaf DG Energy, the mission is to make solar power the largest source of sustainable energy in the UAE. Sharaf DG Energy provides sustainable energy solutions across a variety of business sectors so clients can generate their own clean energy, benefit from annual energy savings, and learn to value the natural environment. For more information please visit or follow us at or on Facebook at Sharaf DG Energy.


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