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Shinhan Private Wealth Management (Shinhan PWM) is the highly privileged financial service offered by Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (Shinhan Bank). Shinhan PWM is ranked by reliable world-class financial organizational raters as one of Korea’s leading wealth management brands.

Developing retail banking service is one of the key strategies in banking sector and Privileged Banking Service is an important retail banking product. This is considered a trend-catching product. The latest forecast in April 2020 of the World Bank indicated that the segment of customers in needs for high-end banking services currently accounts for approximate 13% of the population, and it is expected to increase to 26% by 2026. Catching up this trend, Shinhan Bank has been focusing on promoting the development of Privileged Banking Services to meet the increasing market demand and bring individual customers with effective financial solutions.

Shinhan Bank’s Priority Banking Service is called Shinhan PWM, built on the basis of Shinhan PWM offered by Mother Bank in Korean market. Launched in Vietnam since December 2017, Shinhan PWM has been gradually recognized as a trusted and premium wealth management service in this market. Shinhan PWM is targeting the privileged customers by providing optimal and comprehensive financial solutions, from private wealth management to daily banking services.

Effective private wealth management with premium privileges

The professionalism and efficiency of Shinhan PWM’s personal financial solutions come from the harmonious combination of people, product and service portfolio and strategy on partner network development.

In terms of people, the team of Shinhan PWM’s Relation Managers is rigorously selected to ensure they have good knowledge and experiences to always provide their customers with the most customized financial solutions. Additionally, customers coming to PWM Service Center can get direct consultancy from Private Wealth Management Department in Korea through direct calls to support to prompt and highly effective solutions to the financial issues for customers.

In term of product portfolio, Shinhan PWM offers effective private wealth management solutions with a wide range of financial products and services, which are selected and tailor-made to meet specific financial goals of each customer in each different time.

Regarding the partner network, Shinhan PWM plays the role as a bridge to connect and tighten trade relations between Vietnamese customers and Korean partners, through the support from the Korean business community. Accordingly, Shinhan PWM supports customers to build cooperative relationships with Korean businesses and develop their business well.

In addition to exceptional private wealth solutions, Shinhan PWM’s customers also enjoy classy privileges, worthy to their lifestyle. Accordingly, PWM customers will have the privilege to use more than 700 Premier Lounges in Korea; to hold Gold membership at HDC Shila duty-free shop and get 20% discount; discount up to 50% on room rates at Lotte Signiel Hotel – a five-star hotel located at Lotteworld Tower and join in special events for Shinhan PWM customers.

Image Source: – Shinhan Bank- Shinhan PWM Platinum Credit Card

Optimized privileges with Shinhan PWM Platinum Credit Card

Shinhan PWM Platinum credit card is specially designed for Shinhan PWM customers with attractive cashback, high-class dining services and free privileges on every flight. Especially, when holding a Shinhan PWM Platinum credit card, customers also enjoy Korean visa privileges such as exemption from financial proof, simple procedures for Korean Visa application.

Also, Shinhan PWM Platinum credit card also offers customers with various exclusive benefits at high-class dining facilities, free airport lounge around the world, shopping discounts as well as other healthcare privileges. Accordingly, Shinhan PWM Platinum cardholders are free to use VIP lounges at more than 1,100 international airport, preferential services at the leading golf courses in Vietnam, discounts of up to 50% at over 200 alliance merchants at Shinhan Zone, International Travel Insurance with coverage up to VND 12 billion.

Shinhan Bank understands that customers’ feelings and trust are the key factors for choosing the service. Therefore, Shinhan Bank’s 2020 business strategy will further expand the scale of Shinhan Private Wealth Management services and continue to improve professional customer services in order to optimally meet the needs of individual customers for a premium and professional financial solutions and wealth management.


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