SoftBank Robotics-Keenon Robotics strategic alliance to expand robotic system utilization in service arena


SoftBank Robotics Group Corp(SBRG), a global leader within robotics arena, announced a global strategic alliance with the Keenon Robotics, a global chief AI firm focused on indoor intelligent service robots. This announcement is in tandem with SoftBank World event announcement done recently on 15th September 2021 that the SoftBank will be in collaboration with the Keenon Robotics forming a global strategic alliance.

SBRG-Keenon Robotics will be together operating on this project for advancing out their utilization of the robotics environment and systems within service arena that in turn will be empowering out superior efficiency plus the general outcome. The operational efficiency from the service robots will permit the businesses for allocation of more time along with the resource for the service crew members for refocussing upon their client services.

Keenon Robotics have been the Chinese market pioneer offering the superior intelligent autonomous delivery, logistical, e-commerce solutions with cutting edged technology services with the optimal utilization within the commercial service robot arena. SBRG is prevailing market leader in global robotics and automation market with its bases present globally.

With the primary focus of the Singapore’s vision as well as drive for emerging as a Smart Nation, SBRG is focussed on the launchpad for series of robots that will be aiding this government’s initiatives as well as swiftening the robotic technology adoption within the arena like F&B, cleaning, hospitality, security, healthcare, logistics as well as more such other spaces.

The development like this within the robotics as well as technological arena will in turn aid in employment prospects.

As per the Astute Analytica report, Asia Pacific Delivery Robot Market is anticipated to have the superior hold, with a share of around 27.1% in the global delivery robot arena, SBRG is poised on the APAC market, commencing with Singapore as their launchpad.

Global alliance alongside Keenon Robotics

With the prime focus to expand globally, SBRG will be also operating alongside diverse mix of stakeholders within both public as well as the private arena to empower smoother transition for robotics adoption in their respective arenas.

The advancements in digitalization, automation and robotics in the services arena with the superior utilization of AI will in turn empower the progression of the delivery robotics market.

Empowerment of the Robotics Outcome within core marketplace

Keenon Robotics KeenBot will be unveiled within core SBRG’s markets comprising off initially in Singapore, Japan strictly followed in tandem with emerging core markets like Europe, Middle East and the United States.

The KeenBot solution is equipped via multi-faceted and mutli-channel delivery modules that is also able to offer four dishes at one time which is particularly well-matched for the service arena.

Key features of the robotic bot comprise of an intelligent scheduling system, obstacle avoidance feature, flexible structure, speed limit in smart zones as part of its workflow processes, is a perfect match for utilization of right technology for operating along with human capabilities.

Key Statements

Andrew Tjioe, President & CEO, Tung Lok Group, stated out that, “The service industry, particularly the F&B sector, has been facing a constant challenge of manpower shortage for a very long time now.  Whereas we have been using robotic technology in our kitchens to increase our productivity, this will be the first time that we will deploy robotic solutions in our front-of-house operations. Most of our restaurants are full-service restaurants and at Tung Lok, we take service very seriously. We do not expect these robots to replace the human element in our service, but rather, we hope for these robots to further complement and enhance our service efficiency.”

Yee Wee Tang, Managing Director, Grab Singapore, stated out that, “As a platform that serves the everyday needs of consumers, merchants and delivery-partners, we are continually seeking new ways to enhance their overall user experience, and experiment innovative solutions to address real life challenges. We are thrilled to partner with Keenon Robotics to introduce its AI-enabled service robots to GrabKitchen at Hillview, our cloud kitchen that houses more than 20 F&B brands. We look forward to improving the agility of our operations and reduce repetitive and manual processes with the help of the robots. The robots will also enable us to better protect our Grabbers’ wellbeing with the reduction of physical contact touch points.”

Generating lucrative prospects via the global partnerships

Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer, at SoftBank Robotics Corp., stated out that, “At SoftBank Robotics, it is all about leveraging the technologies of tomorrow to create better solutions. The partnership with Keenon Robotics, the global leading AI company focusing on indoor intelligent service robots will allow us to deliver cutting edge solutions as an integrated system to increase capability and efficiency in the service industry as well as achieve greater savings.”

Tony Li, Chief Executive Officer, Keenon Robotics, stated out that, “We are proud to partner with SoftBank Robotics, the leader in the robotics solutions industry. As the cost of labour increases, technology becomes an affordable solution creating an increased appetite for automation alongside human tasks. The Keenbot is one such example of a solution that is meant for convenience and performs well when completing repetitive operational tasks that require precision.”

Robotic Arena Impetus in Post-Covid era and Future

With the current disruption from the pandemic-induced lockdowns, technological adoption in the form of robotics by businesses will renovate tasks, jobs and skills.

In addition, Singapore’s focus on being a Smart Nation and its mission to become a knowledge-based and innovative nation stimulated SBRG to choose the nation as its globalized launchpad to announce the global partnership with Keenon Robotics. Local Food and Beverage operators are also farsighted for the intensification of integrating robotics solutions in their operations.



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