Launches a Powerful Marketplace of Stock Tools & Algorithms for Retail Investors to Take on the Big Guns

A platform that democratizes access to complex tools & algorithms for retail traders

TORONTO, May 3, 2021- StockAlgos – A Marketplace for trading algorithms – launches today to democratize some of the most valuable trading algorithms for retail investors worldwide.

Society has been through a really crazy couple of months when it comes to retail investing. The highly publicized short squeeze on GameStop orchestrated by Reddit and Twitter users really put the spotlight on the chasm between institutional and retail investors. Large funds have the kind of access to superior technology, data, and trading opportunities that gives them an unassailable advantage compared to the average day trader.

Or at least that’s how it appeared…

The world is moving in a different direction. As technology and data-driven decision-making algorithms continue to march on the traditional financial system, the barriers to entry here continue to be decimated. This is especially true as more and more of the investing world shifts from active management on the whims of a fund manager’s predictions, to a world where data and algorithms drive decisions. The era of data is upon us.

Retail investors should have access to the same algorithms that the big players do, and that’s exactly why was built. The marketplace is designed to take those algorithms and make them open to the general public so that retail investors who want to go the data-driven approach can leverage the best of what’s out there. By decentralizing these algorithms, StockAlgos can open up the opportunities for wealth creation that were previously hoarded by the large institutions. 

Once users sign for a free account on the platform, users will be able to browse a wide range of algorithms for different purposes, each of which is carefully curated by the StockAlgos team. They’re continually adding to these lists as they grow, so it’s an asset that will keep getting more valuable over time. When users see an algorithm they like, they can add it to their profile and have access to it to use however they’d like. At the moment, they are free for a limited time to reward those early adopters, but eventually, they will have a price tag to match their value. 

Every algorithm lives and dies based on user reviews, which users can peruse on each algorithm’s individual page so that users can sort the wheat from the chaff. People have said, “It’s revolutionary!

If someone is a day trader looking to get an edge in the market, having access to these industry-leading algorithms is a no-brainer. StockAlgos is incredibly excited to be bringing this to the market, and they are very much looking forward to seeing how investors take the marketplace and leverage it for their success. Sign up for a free StockAlgos account and get started today.

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Trevor Bergeron

StockAlgos Inc



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