Technology as a game changer proving its mettle in 2019 Hotel Trends


With the advent of technology and emergence of disruptive technological advancements like AI, IOT, Cloud-based services, and its adoption, consumers have been trained on to research products, prices, make critical purchase decisions, etc. all online. Hence with the motive of engaging customers in 2019, companies are in need to understand and devise personal needs.

This in turn refers to that the personalization has emerged as the core thing to increase as well enhance customer or travelers satisfaction, Machine learning (ML) and AI, thus, are going to powerhouse as lead disruptive force in hospitality arena so that it improvises overall guest experience and provide comfortable stay outs away from hustle-bustle city life.

The AI and ML will also power the suppliers for providing insights and actions to attract customers while optimizing occupancy.

With the widening rift in the demographic shifts, driven in by the millennial and Gen Z, who continue to fasten the technology adoption, and in case the hospitality industry wants to appeal and get them on board, then they would need to provide and map a blissful experience for such sophisticated travelers.

It can be achieved with optimal utilization of best in class technology as to deliver them as per their expectations and enhance their expected limits as well as to surprise them with unique and innovative never before felt experiences.

Although AI and ML’s routine utilization is always there on cards by hoteliers in the form of Chatbots to in-house room ordering, they are also driven in by greater efficiencies in the hotel arena.

One such illustration is the utilization of personalized property recommendations to improve star ratings, applications that can provide instantly and compare the most economical pricing from a wide variety of accommodation, hospitality sectors.

Chatbots are the future powerhouse of technology and would change the vision in the near future. Already they are utilized in a varied mix of industries like Financial Institutions, Media and Entertainment Industry, Education Sector, Gaming arena, Micro-Macro Insurance sectors as well in hospitality industries.

Imagine a time when the data-informed and action-driven bots would provide hoteliers their valuable inputs on: –

•    Recommendations on various core matters, strategizing and policymaking.

•    Optimization and advice on positive ratings, reviews.

•    Creating more profound relationships with in-house guests or travelers.

•    Making them understand the benefits of the stay-on in a particular hotel over its closest rivals thus bringing more revenues etc.

•    Remove overall frictional points, if any, existing between customers and hotels, and such technology would also be a game changer to keep staff motivated and eliminate them from performing mundane tasks allowing them to focus on areas of creativity and emotional intelligence.

Although these technologies will undoubtedly ensure to retain humanity and prosper the processes to be more efficient, one cannot ever forget the human element involved in it. Ultimately, the technological warfare supports the connectivity and connects the people by easing out the travel.