The Coronavirus Scare to prove as a boon for quickening GCC’s as well as global digital transformation


As according to Khaled W Jaouni, Accela Chief for Middle East as well as Africa, the present Covid-19 Pandemic has no doubt exposed off a huge gap between the natives as well as the global governments, as they have come “across line of fire” by means of their utter failure for not emphasizing upon digital transformation phase.

Mr. Jaouni stated that “The gap varied upon nation to nation however, he can state that, over and large, the current Covid-19 Pandemic has already proved as well as has also uncovered a huge gap existing between the natives and governments present globally, and the fact that how are they coping up with everything. Thereby it has really drawn a line of fire for the ones who haven’t prioritized upon the digital transformation phase.”

The California-backed government software firm, having its native hub within Dubai, operates with in excess of 2,200 government agencies globally, that also is inclusive of the bodies within UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait as well as Jordan.

However, he also emphasized upon the fact that it doesn’t apply for governments within GCC territory which he states it as “the pioneers as well as trailblazers” when it arrives for citizen engagement being achieved via quicker adoption of digitalized technologies.

He also was quick to brief in about “the better way of handling the Covid-19 Pandemic imposed regulations, wherein few of the organizations or firms were caught in precarious as well as rattled for months due to the lockdown and were quite literally not able to work up to their potential. Wherein there were others, including many governments within the GCC territory, who were up and moving the very next day of easing up of lockdown as they pushed upon the switch right from word ‘Go’ and their businesses running up as usual.”

Jaouni further stated that “his thought process regarding the mobile smartphones have transformed day to day life, one thing that happens is the citizen’s voice is heard immediately, through social media or anything else. Also, there’s a certain level of expectation; if you’re shopping on Amazon as well as other E-commerce arena as you expect something to get done within five or six minutes, that’s now the expectation from government.”

He added: “It might not be completely vocalised, but from within this is what it is and one have a number of governments here in the GCC that have put directives that states that every single service that they provide, applying for that digitally and completing it, has to be done within six minutes, no matter what it is.”  

In the most recent report from the World Bank on ease of doing business, the UAE was placed highest in the Middle East at 11th globally, while Saudi Arabia ranked at 92 position, Bahrain at 62 position and Kuwait at 97 position.

Jaouni further stated that: “GCC governments, by and large, tend to have a very robust directive for really attempt to progress their economic affluence and actually the value of life of inhabitants that are active there.”


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