The COVID-19 has proved beneficial for E-Commerce Boom as the Amazon Profit tripled with rapid gear shift

The US E-Commerce and retail giant has witnessed a huge profit surge to $6.3 Billion within the third quarter (Q3) comparatively to $2.1 Billion, the previous year alongside a steady jump in revenues of 37 percent.

The E-commerce and retail major announced during Thursday that the firm’s third quarter profits tripled from the previous year on robust retail sales during the Pandemic as well as a great boom within the cloud computing arena.

The overall aggregated net profit surged to $6.3 Billion as comparatively to a $2.1 Billion growth witnessed the previous year, while there was huge surge in revenues at 37 percent to be at $96 Billion for technology as well as retail titan.

The positive outcome of net profit and revenue surge is no doubt a major booster for Amazon as well as other tech majors are all under concentrated scrutiny within the US as well as elsewhere for their mounting dominance within the core economic arena. The huge tech giants have held robust grip within the pandemic with offering up of better Goods as well as connectivity with their clients staying and procuring requirements from their homes.

A VISA representative during their Future Retail Experience Webinar held within Monday September 28th stated that “there is absolute no doubt that the COVID-19 has completely had shifted the E-commerce arena forever.”

Amazon, the E-Commerce, retail giant has also faced a huge reproach for how they have managed their “Marketplace” of the third-party sellers. The Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos stated that “the update regard the firm’s leadership for minimum wages as it will reinforce global workforce with regard to one million.”

Bezos also was prompt in stating that “Two years ago during 2018, they had surged Amazon’s minimum wages to $15 for full timers as well as part timers for temporary as well as seasonal employees for across US as well as have confronted many other superior employers for doing the same.”

Bezos further stated that “Although during the current Pandemic crisis, they have been hugely proud to have still created in excess of 4,00,000 jobs within this year alone. They are witnessing more clients than ever shopping priorly with respect to their holiday gifts, that depicts just one of the initial signs that this is going to be a unique holiday season.”

Post the earnings report, the Amazon Shares that witnessed huge gains within both retail as well as cloud computing, dipped across one percent within post-hours trading.

The weaker cloud related expansion as well as feeble looking expected outlook for the critical holiday quarter may have pegged back Amazon’s standings with its investors and at same time undermined its current share price. The retail and E-Commerce major were however prompt to state that “the firm’s cloud division backed Amazon Web Services witnessed huge revenue expansion of 28 percent within this quarter to $11.6 Billion.

Bezos also further added that “While a smaller number of rivals that have followed their suit of surging wages for part-timers or seasoned workforce, it will be better for others to pull their sleeves up and do follow the same.”

The retail, E-Commerce giant is predicting for specifically their net sales for the core year-end shopping season will be expected to be having an expansion from $112 Billion to $121 Billion, thereby showing signs of progress by 28 to 38 percent.


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