The Ericsson’s policy for boosting up 5G Expertise alongside Saudi Arabia territory


Since 2018, two years ago, Ericsson in a pursuit of providing better employment measures for in excess of Hundred graduates from within its Fresh Graduates Programme in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that unites together the Public Sector, Universities, Research Centres, as well as Local Authorities as well as SMEs for development and expansion of testing latest services utilizing 5G Networks as an enabler.

The Fresh Graduate programmes core objective is for enlightening Ericsson’s core knowledge related with transitioning of the existing mobile networks to 5G, aiding in standardization work for making it a globalized standard.

Mashhour Al-Sudairy, head of Local Content at Ericsson in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated that “the firm Ericsson have a huge as well as successful history of collaboration within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that they are working in tandem with the native service providers for understanding their specific network requirements for realizing full advantages for the 5G technologies. He also added that their fresh graduate program is an inclusive program that addresses the vitality of the youth within ICT. It has hugely prioritized as well as expansion of the native talent that will be foremost the 5G networks in the future, which is vital to quicken the kingdom’s digitalization and generate advantages for citizens, businesses and Society.”

The graduates have already been involved within intensification of industry pilots for possible 5G solutions within the areas that includes like Smart City, IoT, Industry 4.0, transport, smart agriculture. The graduates were also able to observe emerging trends in the global scenario and learning new technology and business opportunities that 5G technology will familiarize in the market.

The Fresh Graduate program also aims to progress Ericsson’s information related to the evolution of existing mobile networks to 5G, supporting the standardization work to make 5G a global standard. Ericsson has varied nation-specific programs and creativities to aid Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic expansion.


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