The Four GCC nations Non-Oil Trade alongside Abu-Dhabi’s aggregates $5.91 Billion


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeded list of Abu Dhabi’s trade-based partners. Within the initial four months during 2020, the aggregated net worth of Abu-Dhabi’s non-oil trade alongside Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman has touched around AED 21.74 billion.

As according to latest data pooled from Statistics Centre Abu-Dhabi (SCAD), the total net worth of Abu-Dhabi’s trade alongside the four GCC nations touched 32.6 percent of the total value of the emirate’s trade with the other nations.

Representing a staggering 73.4 percent of the emirate’s overall net trade worth with the four GCC nations, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia topped the list of the Abu-Dhabi’s trade partners with net worth of AED 15.95 billion.

The nations trade alongside Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain reached AED 2.47 billion, AED 1.69 billion, and AED 1.63 billion, respectively.

During the January-April month period, the emirate nations overall trade value with diverse nations recorded around AED 66.5 billion. The exports and re-exports between the emirate nation and the four GCC countries accounted for AED 9.41 billion and AED 7.13 billion, respectively, while the imports aggregated AED 5.2 billion.


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