The Grid unveils NFT podium bridging physical artifacts, digital world


The Grid, unveiled latest NFT Platform, that will be empowering the clients for the collection of NFTs that act as a bridge for globalized rare physical artifacts recently. The Grid is also the initial NFT podium for connecting the curation, authentication, blockchain technology for building up a connection to culturally relevant artifacts via NFTs.

The firm also announced that, its initial release is all scheduled within November 2021. As per the announcement by the firm, the Grid is a gamified platform that certifies the provenance, ultimately building out a digital “Grid” of collectables while assigning unique NFTs that characterize a snapshot of a physical space of the artifact.

The firm also stated that all items are curated, authenticated, assigned source via a blend of photo matching, AI, CV/ML, and blockchain technologies. Post its distribution, the Grid adds incentive instruments to let collectors buy/resell their NFTs strategically in pursuit of the appropriate percentage of NFT’s to redeem the physical artifact.

Sher Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Nostalgia Labs, creator of The Grid, the brain behind the LaMelo Ball NFT collection, perceived there was a prospect to build out NFTs connected to a rare physical artifact post sighting a tremendous demand for a NFT tied to LaMelo Ball’s game worn sneakers from a record breaking triple double performance.

Statement from Sher Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Nostalgia Labs, creator of The Grid

Sher Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Nostalgia Labs, creator of The Grid, stated out that, “We’re thrilled to launch The Grid where fans can finally collect real life memorabilia from ground-breaking performances – and build that collection digitally, using NFTs.”

He further added out that, “The Grid will break down the barrier to high-end memorabilia through a strict curating process, and directly connect everyday fans to some of the most illustrious pieces in history. We’ll be heavily focused on distributing the world’s rarest game-worn and music related artifacts on the blockchain. The power of The Grid is that it allows us to program the history, ownership, and value of historic artifacts.”

“The Grid has secured artifacts that are extremely historic considering the moments that they took place in. These moments are what I call GOAT moments,” said Karvin Cheung, who will be overseeing the creation of NFTs for The Grid.”

He further added that, “I am excited to work on this project as an opportunity to story tell through NFTs.” Karvin is known for the creation of the Upper Deck Exquisite Collection, which has received individual trading card he created sell for a record $5.2 Million in the past year, with certain limited edition sets of cards he created reaching in excess of a $150 Million market capitalization.

The Grid is Karvin’s NFT debut. “Karvin is an icon in the hobby. It will be exciting to watch him do what he does best as this platform grows; his vision for the collecting community is tremendous,” Chaudhary stated out further.



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