The Impact of Women within the Leadership Roles, Pandemic as well as Politics

Andi Simon, PhD believed that despite huge strides within the Business, Government as well as other territories, the Women don’t always receive same respect the Men do for their leadership capabilities, even while they can claim greater accomplishments.

Andi Simon (,a corporate anthropologists, the founder of Simon Associate Management Consultants, as well as Author of the forthcoming book Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women within Business stated that: “the blend of a pandemic, as well as recession, and election that the 2020 bought could be the thrust for shifting the path people view Women as their leadership styles, a development that majority would argue being longer overdue.”

Being a trained practitioner within the Blue Ocean Strategy, Simon, has performed several hundred workshops as well as speeches within the topic as well as have also consulted alongside broader range of global clients.

Simon as well as states that “It’s a perfect time that we initiate Women Leaders via fresh lens, as when one does it, we all will get hugely benefitted via their styles as well as successes.”

Meanwhile, across the global scenario, many nations led through Women have proceeded much better specifically during COVID-19 Pandemic’s than those pioneered via Men and illustrations include Germany’s Angela Merkel, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern as well as Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-Wen among those being addressed for their robust leadership.

Another illustration of marked robust women leadership include the Presidential candidate Joe Biden picking up US Sen. Kamala Harris as his immediate running comrade, the nation potentially could get the initial female Vice President within January 20th 2021.

Simon further stated that: “Anyone who would be greatly surprised that what Women have to take or make for emerging as huge leaders have always fallen away like pack of cards over the myths that have often enclosed both the men as well as women when it comes for taking a charge.”

She further stated that “the Men often Communicate regard the myth about their women counterparts that they always emphasize regard their softer sides, their kindness as well as their weaknesses, and not regards their determination, power as well as their resourcefulness. Women might mainly focus in in a different way, however, they could achieve better results via the Collaboration, Management, as well as creative communication, as contrary to command-as well as Control methodology the Men often employ further.”

The author of the Award-Winning Book on the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights, Simon has also have a successful podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, that has in excess of One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand Monthly Listeners, as well as she is also ranked amongst the topmost twenty Futurist Podcasts as well as topmost two hundred commercial podcasts.

In addition, Global Advisory Experts termed Simons’ firm the Corporate Anthropology Consultancy Firm of the Year in New York for the year – 2020.

She has been on Good Morning, America and Bloomberg, and is also an extensively published in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Business Week, Becker’s, and American Banker, among others. She has been the guest blogger for, Huffington Post, as well as the Fierce Health.

She offered a few remarks about women, leadership and where things could be regulated: –

  • Research displays women score well on leadership qualities. Research published the previous year in the Harvard Business Review displayed that, over numerous surveys that questioned the same queries, women ranked advanced than men on almost all vital factors measuring leadership capabilities.
  • Simon further stated that “Managers, even male managers, viewed the women as more effective than men in practically every area, including areas characteristically viewed as male strongholds such as IT, operations and legal.”
  • Women ranked higher for taking initiative, as well as acting with the suppleness, committed self-development, powering the results, as well as proving their huge integrity as well as honesty.

An anthropological method could support. Simon is both a commercial consultant and an anthropologist, and she believes mingling the two is beneficial.

More female mentors as role representations will mean more female leaders. As more women advance leadership roles, the number of women in such roles will build on itself, Simon says. “The script on women moving male-dominated workplace culture is still being written,” she says.

“But one thing is for sure: The additional women become leaders and assume spots of authority, the more they can help other women on their way up.”

“My career advice for women in leadership roles is to be a slight anthropological when you are trying to find your own way in your job or business,” she says. “Do some observational research.

Experience your product or service from your client’s point of view, or your members’ point of view. You’ll be amazed at what you discover, and the innovative ideas that come to you for solving unmet requirements.” “Our cultural prejudices power us to trust that something created by a woman is not as good as something created by a man,” Simon says. “For us to view the work of women as at least equal to that of men, those prejudices must change. The query for all of us is: Can we modify them?”


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