Private Advisors VC has launched the Luxembourg based “The Quantum Revolution Fund” to invest in industrial applications of the second quantum mechanics revolution. It is the first private specialized, thematic, European VC fund for new applications of quantum technologies.

The fund invests in different stages of the quantum industry, from research to direct investment in new start-ups. It follows the model outlined by the European Commission for the quantum industry, that plans to invest 2 billion Euros in the next decade. Quantum is the next technology wave, but in fact there are already multiple examples of current applications of quantum physics in fields such as quantum chemistry; the pharmaceutical sector, with breakthroughs in the fight against diseases such as cancer; finance analytics with advances in quantitative analysis and the training of deep artificial neural networks; molecular simulation of new materials for aerospace design; optimization of scheduling problems for advanced logistics and flow management of people and goods; and finally advanced computing for disruptive cryptographic solutions side by side to truly private communications.

“Our professional and institutional clients will find the best specialized strategic investments focused on frontier scientific technology. We’ll look for long-term results that will place our investors in a privileged position in the context of the geopolitical and technological race that the main world powers are quietly undertaking. There is no doubt that applied quantum technologies will change the world as we know it today. Staying out of this race is not an option” says Jaume Torres, CEO of the promoter company.

The Quantum Revolution Fund is structured as a RAIF SICAV of Luxembourg exclusively directed to qualified investors (minimum ticket of 125K) and is managed by the ManCo (AIFM) Selectra Management. The fund’s promoter is the Barcelona based company Private Advisors VC, and the Investment Advisor is its subsidiary in London Quantum Ventures. There is a specialized investment committee of international experts under the coordination of economist Marta Areny and physics PhD Samuel Mugel. The fund is supported by professional partners KPMG, Amicorp and ING Bank and has a European commercialization passport.

According to the company, the Quantum Revolution Fund’s team has deep scientific expertise, proven industry knowhow and strong funding mechanisms credentials for innovative projects. It works with an extensive network of advisors and experts among which are José Ignacio Latorre, PhD and Professor of Physics at both the University of Barcelona and at the University of Singapore, and Víctor Canivell, MBA and Physics PhD with a wide management experience in the international high tech industry. The objective is to raise 150M Euros to invest in new applications of quantum technologies without geographical restrictions, investing between 100K and 3.000K per project. “The approach is for our network of experts to work closely with the invested start-ups, whatever the stage of development they are in. Without a doubt, the future is quantum.” They conclude