The upsurge within the global trade with UAEs Supply Chain Module

UAEs trade enabling reforms, swiftest customs clearance as well as a very strategic location within the East-West trade route and this has been a core for transformation of the nation as a logistics core hub.

Within the final quarter of 2020, there was a huge upswing within the supply-chain process within the UAE, as it got transformed as, global hub for logistics, thereby signalling a huge surge within the global trade volumes.

As per the latest data pooled out from Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health show, it noted out that within the final quarter during the preceding year, globalized trade volumes expanded more than 13% over preceding year’s January 2020 standard line as well as 30% from the lowest standard within the second quarter of the year.

The fourth quarter of 2020 observed a considerable recovery in global supply chain activity, with quarterly progress rates surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 14 percent.

Strategic ecological location and global class infrastructure have situated the UAE as an ideal source and redeployment gateway and offers huge growth capacity for enterprises.

The UAE’s trade enabling reforms, swifter duties authorization and strategic position in the east west trade route have been crucial to convert the nation as the logistics hub and a gateway for Asia, Europe and the Middle East and Africa territory.

Tradeshift’s assessment of digitised invoicing and requesting data suggests a particularly robust end to the year in the US, where the total of transactions between consumers and suppliers soared 29 percent in Q4, double the rate of progress witnessed globally during the period. Trade activity in the Eurozone risen 22 percent compared to the quarter.

Tradeshift’s data confirms businesses in China have been operating at near-normal capacity since April 2020. Growing transaction volume expansion since Q2 stood at an enormous 118 percent at the end of 2020 compared to a general activity shortfall of 3.4 percent globally during the same period.

“China has significantly surpassed the West by bouncing back swiftly,” stated Christian Lanng, CEO, Tradeshift. “The reliability we’re witnessing in transaction data offers a level of reliability that has yet to return fully in other regions.”

The latest data also shows robust order books among consumers in almost every territory, suggesting news of a vaccine roll-out in December convinced businesses to press ahead with securing judgments that may have previously been postponed or cancelled.

“COVID exposed an imbalance in the relationship between buyers and suppliers. As customers focus on fostering resilience to future shocks, we need to consider how best to equip suppliers to come with them on that journey,” stated Lanng.


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