The Vitality of Retail majors and how they are creating up the Gulf’s latest wing of ‘Omni Warriors’

A huge lot of pioneered bricks and mortar retail chains within the UAE as well as the broader GCC territory are in pursuit of launching up of a giant “Cross Skilling” as well as Up-Skilling initiatives for all their workforce for battling up E-Commerce rivals within their marketplace post the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is in force with an objective for creation of a better pool, tens and thousands of powerful “Omni Warriors” in a pursuit to shift into multi-channel firms for adoption of latest retail landscape, HR Head of the core UAE retail chain stated it recently.

The HR Head, who wished not to be disclosed his identity, stated this as the initiative is yet to be rolled on to make it public with the firm and as “While hiring was an opportunity, it however, has proven a lot more expensive than retaining as well as training in their own workforce. As well as more vitally, the overall speed to market as well as customer and product knowledge was better amongst their prevalent workforce.”

However, the retail industry experts also have queried of whether upskilling the available workforce is better option than hiring up latest specialists. The Management Expert as well as Managing Director of Dubai based consulting enterprise The Organization Pivot Ashok Kapoor stated that “Unfortunately provided speed of transition, the firms don’t have the luxury of re-skill prevailing manpower, and they must hire the subject matter experts who can power digital shift alongside utmost urgency as well as their speed.”

He also further added that “for achieving the success within the ‘new normal’, the overall capability within Omni Channels for an established B&M retailer are no longer just ‘a better to have option’, but forms a core requirement for its very survival.”

It was completely agreed by Sameer Nagarajan, Dubai based retail as well as FMCG arena expert and who was the chief head of Hr Operations of Unilever as well as Dabur International in the distant past stated that “Progressively,  with the longer continuation of Pandemic and the uncertainty prevailing across markets remains still uncertain, most of the huge retailers have ultimately realised that they cannot be just meagrely dependent upon their B&M sales.”

A topmost marketing executive within another UAE-based retail chain, also not wished to be identified stated that “More than the work and the processes of how the task flow happens, it was hugely the behaviour of workforce whether or not “they are willing to ‘live for each other’ within the battle for client’s footfall or mindshare? As it was hugely vital for putting in place the Omni-Structure.”

The largest ever retail chains that emerged within Middle East in 2019 were Al Shaya Group, Al Futtaim Retail, Majid Al Futtaim, Savola Group, LuLu Group International, The Chalhoub Group, Al Hokair and Landmark Group.

Legacy versus Survival for the Fittest: –

The UAE-based HR head also instructed that the retail industry namely we understand it is in for a tremendous shift. “Retail in its current form execute totally cave in or consign beginning to a latest form of hybrid retail – online driving the stores versus the other path around,” he stated.

On the reskilling project, he further added that: “A base cause analysis was carried out and it was thus, determined that there are three core pillars for creation – of public, omni process construction or fulfilment of demand and supply chain.”

“We did a full-scale skilled audit on who’s ‘omni-ready’ across our retail save staff, managers and leaders,” he added. According to the enterprise insiders, the retail chain majors also worked of the award structure because of employees so piece of this transformational project.

“The compensation programs – both constant yet incentives – are life redrafted between rank together with the contemporary times. We understood our value prize mechanisms had been not going in imitation of assignment anymore. Market was once altering unexpectedly then therefore was once the Genius pool,” stated every other chief executive.

Customer accomplishment: –

Customer accomplishment is also a huge quantity about the recreation being drafted by means of the retail majors. “The biggest issue we and every sizeable outlet have been all of sudden dealing with used to be stock ageing. It was sturdy to predict so the stores desire stays absolutely open, so the customers’ tread patterns pleasure unravel and so e-commerce sales pleasure flatten,” the HR head stated.

“We are additionally working on inserting of area Herculean provide band structures therefore to that amount even will keep less dependency of third parties,” another retail company insider said.

To extinguish these challenges, retail chains resorted in imitation of automation – bear computer lesson bots observe require circle and assist in predicting better. “The function on an adviser patron officer is evolving speedy – whosoever may look at records ferociously at all times to rule nice then agile manufacture float beside factory according to the appropriate nook – across regions, stores longevity then demographics,” the top executives stated.


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