The Vybe targets Millennials with Smarter E-Wallet capabilities for getting better French push

For targeting millennials and for getting a better clientele base, Prepay Solutions had recently partnered alongside the Vybe. It was launched during the previous month in September 2020, the Vybe platform has an exclusive offer viz a free payment card for all the youth who are in between demographics 13-18 Years as well as an application in to manage their overall spending. The uniqueness of this platform is that all its users get a French IBAN, so that they can swiftly make purchases alongside their mobile phone.

 This will also lighten any kind of parental fears equipped regarding their overall teenagers’ spending mentality, via secured mirror homepage that would thereby support parents to keep a thorough check on their ward spendthrift mentality as well as in making swift transfer process.

The Vybes’ E-wallet capabilities will also support their clients for spending, optimal utilization of full debit BIN capabilities. With just around ten percent teenagers being authorized by the Bank, the France accounts for a whopping five million younger generation falling in age bracket of 13 to 18 years, having absolutely no access to financial services. It has therefore been created exclusive by Generation Z for themselves, as the demographic presents a whole latest breed of client list for the financial organizations, as the initial generation to be born as well as raised alongside the social media platforms.

The CEO of PPS, Ray Brash further has stated regarding this partnership that “Unlike the Millennials who have already viewed and made keen contribution with rise in digital age, the Gen Z have been never known globally without optimal utilization of Smartphones, Social Media as well as prompt access to the data. This trend setter firm has huge evolution initiatives following their preliminary launchpad in France. As well as they are hugely thrilled for continuation of providing support for an ever-revolving product roadmap for meeting their demands within this demographic who are actually force behind the shift of FinTech.”

Vincent Jouanne, CEO as well as the Co-founder on Vybe stated that “Together with the active as well as meticulous PPS team, they have created something definitely extraordinary that is redefining the financial service purposes for a generation that has conventionally been facing hurdles in getting an access to certain programs. As certain regarding the initial in space wholly committed for teenagers, they desire in conformity for receiving back the same loyalty they have provided, intensifying further across Europe and as well as into the UK, and accomplishing 3,00,000 sign ups by way of the forthcoming year.”

By utilizing PPS’ e-money licenses and science infrastructure, entire Vybe money owed enter along a PPS-powered Mastercard virtual card as standard, which do be introduced according to customers’ digital wallets inside minutes regarding applying then aged because contactless or on-line spending. Going forward opposite that year, client’s choice keeps in a position after select after system a physical, contactless, PPS-powered Mastercard card, who can be utilized for the POS payments as well as the ATM withdrawals anywhere where it accepts Mastercard.


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