U.S Equities overall exposure to Saudi Sovereign Fund bolsters it to touch over $15Bln

Image Credit: - Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.com

The $400 billion fund is anticipated to give a shot at least $40 billion per annum in the native economy until the year 2025 viz the forthcoming four years.

As per the US regulatory filing as on Monday, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund has improved its U.S. stock holdings to $15.4 billion in the initial quarter from nearly $12.8 billion at the cease of 2020.

It more than doubled its location in Activision Blizzard to 33.4 million shares from 15 million shares at the cease of the fourth quarter, which powered it to a $3.1 billion revelation from $1.4 billion.

The fund improved its shares in Electronic Arts Inc to 14.2 million, comparable to $1.9 billion, from a $1.1 billion situation at the cease of the preceding quarter.

Few of the core pointers of this Saudi Sovereign Fund and its expected outcomes are:

  • As according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) had procured 2.9 million class A shares within the SoftBank Group Corp-backed Coupang Inc, comparable to $141 million, and liquified its share stake in Suncor Energy.
  • The $400 billion fund is expected to inject at least $40 billion annually in the local economy until 2025, and increase its assets to $1 trillion by that date, which would make it one of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds.
  • Director of the research at the Azure’s strategy, Rachna Uppal, stated that “”PIF would have wanted to take advantage of the bullish sentiment in equity markets in Q1 to make opportunistic investments and add to its portfolio, and added further that In line with domestic efforts to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030, the Saudis also appear to be favoring investments into sectors such as technology, mobility, and especially future mobility, tourism and entertainment.”
  • PIF, which did not instantly retort to a comment request on the filing, is at the hub of Saudi Arabia’s strategies to renovate the economy by generating latest sectors and diversifying revenues away from oil and venturing into less carbon mode.

Monday’s filing exhibited the Net worth of its biggest U.S. stock holding, Uber Technologies, upsurge to an overwhelming $4 billion in the initial quarter, from $3.7 billion as of Dec. 31, as the ride-hailing firm’s shares expanded its net worth during the period.

PIF was the primary investor in Uber, captivating a $3.5 billion stake in 2016, three years beforehand to its listing in 2019. At the commencement of preceding year PIF heaped up minority stakes in establishments globally, taking benefit of market feebleness triggered by the coronavirus catastrophe.


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