UAE Finance Ministry Presents ‘2018 Consolidated Annual Report’ Results


Estimation of incomes came to Dh56.1 billion of every 2018, an expansion of 7.2 percent since 2017

The Ministry of Finance, MoF, declared today the aftereffects of the 2018 Consolidated Annual Report of the league, and the last records of free substances.

The declaration came close by the service’s cooperation in the Federal National Council’s third gathering, which occurred in Abu Dhabi.

The report expressed the estimation of incomes came to Dh56.1 billion of every 2018, an expansion of 7.2 percent since 2017, against costs adding up to Dh54.0 billion, an expansion of 5.6 percent since 2017, bringing about a spending excess of Dh2.1 billion, an increment of 78.9 percent more than 2017.

Obaid receptacle Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, Younis Haji Al Khoori, Under-Secretary of MoF, Mariam Al Amiri, Under-Secretary of the Financial Management Sector, and the service’s important group, took an interest in the gathering.

At the gathering, Al Tayer displayed the solidified yearly report of 2018, which incorporated a synopsis of the information gathered, and the merged money related execution proclamation, notwithstanding the endeavors of the Ministry of Finance in building up the united budgetary exhibition of the central government.

He stated, “The service is focused on presenting the solidified yearly report as per universal prescribed procedures, to portray a precise image of the country’s monetary position, and draw up money related approaches that lift the Union’s budgetary position.”

In lieu of the consequences of 2018 solidified yearly report, 33.7 percent of the incomes were from UAE emirates, and 66.3 percent from different sources. The uses were separated between worker remuneration adding up to 41.2 percent, product and administration prerequisites adding up to 29.3 percent, and different costs adding up to 29.3 percent.

The united budgetary presentation explanation noticed that the income execution rate added up to 102.3 percent containing charges, social commitments, and other government commitments and incomes. The consumption execution rate measured 95.8 percent and included residents’ pay, ware and administration supplies, sponsorships, awards, social advantages, different costs, and resources that have budgetary credits.

The estimation of the present resources added up to Dh44.2 billion and included bank adjusts at 34.2 percent, and different receivables by 65.8 percent. With respect to the present liabilities, they added up to Dh27.6 billion, which included 1.3 percent of financial balances payable, and 65.8 percent of other credit adjusts.

Al Tayer attested the service’s insight to improve the adequacy and proficiency of money related reports and information in the Federal Government. Such revealing will give information that mirrors the genuine budgetary presentation of the Union, and bolster the dynamic procedure dependent on sound getting ready for the circulation of accessible money related assets, which thusly adds to accomplishing thorough and feasible monetary and social improvement as per the vision of the Federal Government 2021.

The merged yearly report is a yearly report gave with the endorsement of the united yearly budget summaries of the government specialists. The Ministry of Finance sets it up dependent on the last record reports put together by the government specialists and incorporates the combined budget reports, which are: the merged monetary exhibition articulation, the solidified money related position proclamation, the money liquidity articulation, and the illustrative note.


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