UAE overhauls its Economic Substance legislation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has rolled out critical improvements to its Economic Substance system, with the UAE Cabinet of Ministers as of late giving Cabinet Decision No. (57) of 2020 (the new ESR Resolution). The original ESR Resolution annuls and replaces Cabinet Resolution No. (31) of 2019, as changed, and Cabinet Resolution No. (58) of 2019, distributed in June 2019. The Ministry of Finance additionally refreshed its Guidance using Ministerial Decision No. (100) of 2020.

Licensees in the UAE should now cautiously consider how the new ESR Resolution impacts their consistence and revealing commitments, significantly as the application scope has been revised.

In this update, we have featured the critical changes presented by the new ESR Resolution.

Excluded Licensees

The accompanying Licensees are excluded from meeting the Economic Substance prerequisites:

Venture Fund;

A licensee that is an assessment inhabitant in a ward other than the UAE;

A licensee that is at last entirely and advantageously claimed (legitimately or by implication) by UAE occupants (which implies UAE residents and people holding a substantial UAE residency grant who dwell in the UAE) and meets the accompanying two prerequisites: a. The substance isn’t essential for a MNE Group, which comprises of either (i) two or more elements which are charge occupants in various wards; or (ii) one element which is a duty inhabitant in one purview and is liable to burden for helping out Relevant Activities through a branch or lasting foundation in another jurisdiction.

b. The entirety of the substance’s exercises are just done in the UAE.

Licensee that is a part of an unfamiliar substance and of which the pay from the critical action is liable to burden in a ward other than the UAE; and

Any Licensee for which a goal is given by the Minister of Finance to be conceded the limit of “Absolved Licensee”.

An Exempt Licensee is needed to submit – alongside the Economic Substance Notification – all necessary data and records affirming its ability as an Exempt Licensee to its Regulatory Authority (i.e., the position that gave the permit). This could incorporate duty testaments and expense evaluations for Licensees that guarantee exception under focuses 2 or 4 in the above prerequisites.

The inability to consent to the warning prerequisite and the arrangement of documentation supporting its status will require the Exempt Licensee to meet the Economic Substance necessities and all different commitments under the new ESR Resolution.

The National Assessing Authority (explained further underneath) will furnish the Ministry of Finance with all the necessary data for Licensees that guarantee to be absolved. Data gave by Licensees that guarantee exception under focuses the Ministry of Finance might share 2 or 4 above with the unfamiliar skilled power subject to the arrangements of a peaceful accord.

Revealing cutoff times

It has now been explained that the cutoff time to present the Economic Substance Notification is a half year after the finish of the budgetary year. Licensees that have just submitted the Notification to the Regulatory Authority (most Licensees with monetary year-end 31 December 2019 ought to have solely presented this) are needed to re-present this through the Ministry’s gateway of Finance once accessible.

The Economic Substance Report ought to be submitted inside a year after the finish of the budgetary year. The National Assessing Authority will distribute the arrangement of the report.

Dissemination and administration focus business

The extent of the Relevant Activity of the Distribution and Service Center business has been extended. It presently incorporates Licenses that buy merchandise from unfamiliar associated people and offer those products to clients in the UAE, notwithstanding clients built up outside the UAE.


The punishments for rebelliousness are:

A fine of AED 20,000 for inability to present the Economic Substance Notification (and any pertinent data or archives);

A fine of AED 50,000 for submitting wrong data; and

A fine of AED 50,000 for inability to present the Economic Substance Report or failure to meet the Economic Substance necessities. In the event that the Licensee submits a similar infringement in an ensuing year, a fine of AED 400,000 and some other authoritative methodology, including the suspension, withdrawal, or non-reestablishment of the permit.

Public Assessing Authority

The Federal Tax Authority is named as the National Assessing Authority. In addition to other things, it is answerable for:

Choosing whether the Licensee or Exempt Licensee has satisfied the Economic Substance prerequisites;

Applying regulatory fines;

Thinking about complaints and choosing consequently; Answering to the Ministry of Finance (when required).


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