UAE’s Banking premier National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah launches latest digital platform supporting SME’s


For the creation of a completely digitalized ecosystem for the small and medium businesses, UAE’s banking premier National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah also popularly known as RakBank has gone ahead and inaugurated SME’s souk initiative.

With the foundation’s primary focus being supporting all SME’s getting connected with complementary industries across the region as well as having a self-realization of getting a conclusive blooming ecosystem and environment for the Small and Medium estimated Enterprises, have also added a whole lot of dimension with the support of non-banking value-added services such as licensing, accounting, insurance, trade requirements, and more in successfully establishing a comprehensive suite.

Like the wholly digitalized community based platform in case of SME’s aids and lifts up the regions core issues, challenges as well as pinpointing out various hard nut areas in order to set up and perform any businesses, in the same manner the unique SMEsouk initiative guides the consumers and bank’s end users towards various offers, varied financial services and packages that are available to boost the business line at an economical cost.

In the meanwhile this platform also enables the customers to browse through all the best news, insights as well as data mining on the go on what’s shaping the entire  business global scenario prevailing from various industries and as well as have instant access to loads of unique, innovative class tips and ideas that SMEs can incorporate in near future to assist nurture their business’s growth.

Dhiraj Kunwar, director of Business Banking at RAKBANK, stated with regards to this unique latest technological platform that, “RAKBANK has partnered with various reputable government and personal entities in assisting to produce a digital scheme that will perpetually update and enhance to aid in delivering a comprehensive suite of non-banking added services that fulfills the desires, preferences as well various wants of the future tech-driven business customers.

Mr. Kunwar also added that “Their Business Banking customers base is constantly undergoing a complete varied path of transformation and also growing constantly as they are embarking as a core part of growth of most SME’s across the region as well as Customers can also cash in on the discriminatory terms that our partners can provide them”.

Peter England, RAKBANK CEO, also furthermore added some more limelight on this project that “RAKBANK has partnered with a variety of service suppliers in areas like licensing needs, accounting solutions, insurance, trade solutions and a lot of to supply a variety of value-added services to shoppers and our ever-growing clientele base”.

He also added that “RakBank are the pioneers and lead SME bankers of the region and that they are really proud on how they have placed utmost priority to SME needs and requirements forming their crux of the successful strategic decisions as their core believe leads to supporting all the SMEs (Client base) and as well as our unique, latest digital initiative offers them with a wide range of services and solutions that help them reach their full potential”.