UAEs initial biometric authentication solution for e-commerce unveiled by ADIB in alliance with VISA

Image Credit: - Image by Aalmeidah from Pixabay

Key Highlights: –

  • The ADIB clients can have an instant access and could do the authentication of their E-Commerce financial transactions by the utilization of their mobile application biometric authentication, once the podium gets unveiled.
  • The UAE backed lender the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), has got an alliance going on alongside the VISA, for the unveiling of the UAEs initial ever Biometric authentication solution for all its e-commerce financial deals.
  • The Visa Consumer Authentication Service objectives is to enhance client experience, as well as alleviate security and fraud threats by substituting conventional verification approaches, like that of OTP necessities, with biometric authentication utilizing fingerprint and facial biometrics.

Biometrics makes it tougher for intruders to utilize illegally accessed clientele credentials, permitting for tougher security and a time-efficient experience.

The Group Head of the Retail Banking, at the ADIB, Philip King, stated out that; “Due to the pandemic, online security and fraud protection has become more essential than ever. E-commerce websites have to confront various security issues from online fraud to theft of confidential data. Unlike conventional authentication processes, a biometric identification system uses the physical characteristics of an individual to grant account access, ensuring the security of consumers. Through our partnership with Visa, we aim to continue evolving our approach to using digital solutions to improve our customers’ experience.”

Shahebaz Khan, Visa’s general manager for UAE stated out that “Our Consumer Authentication Service is an example of how Visa’s network intelligence can create tangible value for our bank clients and merchants. Because the solution only prompts consumers for verification of the riskiest e-commerce transactions, most consumers will have a streamlined authentication process. Consumers in the UAE are savvy and with more transacting online, Visa’s biometric solution for ADIB offers them the safe and optimal online payment experience they increasingly expect.”


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