UK’s FinTech’s Upsurge aided to $98BN Globalized Record

Image Credits: - Image by NadinLisa from Pixabay

During the initial half of 2021, London-focussed boom output within the 280 financial technology dealings.

Within the initial half of this year in 2021, the Britain’s Investment within the Financial Technology industry had touched out a huge record, with deals valued at almost (£18 billion $24.87bn).

The £18bn boost up was triggered in by the London Stock Exchange’s Purchase of financial data provider Refinitiv for $14.8bn while investors poured funds into more than 280 amongst the UK’s principal FinTechs.

This figure accounts for UK being accounted as second globally just behind the US, which had touched $42.1 Bn during the same time frame.

The boosting took global investment in the mushrooming arena to $98 billon, an $11bn jump from the $87.1bn invested in the post the second half of 2020, and continued the City of London’s European FinTech supremacy.

London’s FinTech dominance in Europe sustained in the face of the UK government’s failure to begin a post-Brexit deal, which offered the city similarity to businesses operating within the EU single market.

London is the epicentre for the financial technology and is the household for around 3,018 FinTech operations, more than any other city globally. Venture capital firms with a bright sense on start-ups were predominantly prolific, doubling their FinTech investment from the preceding half of 2020 to $6.2bn.

The KPMG’s Europe, Middle East, Africa as well as UK’s head of Financial Services, Karim Haji, stated out to The Guardian that, “Covid-19 has spurred a race to digital in UK financial services and many of the major banks have dipped into their investment pots for digitisation – a major reason we are seeing so much corporate investment.

“This timing, together with the UK’s reputation as a historic financial services sector and ongoing work to nurture FinTechs, from testing through to listing, makes the UK a magnet for investment.”

There is absolutely no doubt, that the Pandemic-the most dangerous issue confronted by human race till date, had also acted as a crucial part in hastening out the City’s Persistent Digital Initiative.

Mr Haji’s colleague, and Co-Lead at KPMG’s Global FinTech, Ian Pollari, believed that investment within the FinTech will get turned out as a long-term globalized trendsetter. Mr. Pollari also stated out that, “Large funding rounds, high valuations and successful exits underscore the thesis that digital engagement of customers that accelerated during the pandemic is here to stay.”


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