Unicrypt partners Platinum to expand range of solutions for Solana-based projects

Unicrypt partners with Platinum

Unicrypt, a leading software solution provider that has developed disruptive products for boosting the security of token circulation in DeFi projects, has partnered with Platinum Software Development Company to transfer the EVM-compatible solidity code into the Rust programming language. This partnership will help them expand their range of decentralized finance services and develop highly demanded utility tools for Solana-based projects.

Solana is considered to be one of the most convenient and functional environments for shifting towards multi-blockchain technologies. Unicrypt reports that it is developing a token-locking mechanism on Solana with Platinum’s engineering experience to be compatible with multiple services.

With the rapid development of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), there’s a large number of market-making platforms and functions appearing on the Solana blockchain. Platinum claims that the new solution guarantees the safety and agility that the crypto community needs so much. Unicrypt is striving to develop and present its own solution on Solana. For this purpose, it will share the Rust code base with Platinum devs.

Anton Dziatkovskii, Platinum’s co-founder said, “We are proud to have been chosen by Unicrypt for developing the token locking technology for Solana blockchain. Unicrypt is a very promising startup with great ambitions that it plans to turn into highly applicable services. This collaboration will give us deeper insight into multi-blockchain technologies. We will dedicate our time to mastering the Rust code database since it holds enormous potential for blockchain tech.”

Unicrypt team commented, “We are glad to present Platinum Software Development Company, the guys helping us craft the Solana-based, token-locking mechanism. Since our ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive network of Solana-based services, we are eager to share our experience and to guide our partners through the Rust programming environment. Together with Platinum, we will present features that make DeFi a safer haven for investors.”



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