Ways to Fairly Evaluate an Employee Before Moving to a Higher Post


One of the most difficult decisions to make is determining who will get a promotion. Many employees would like to move higher on the corporate ladder. The problem is that there aren’t always positions for them to move up to. If an opening comes up, many employees might like to grab the chance. It’s not only about receiving a higher post, but also a potential salary bump. In a difficult economic time, it would help to get a raise. These are some of the things to do before you decide who to promote.

Set clear criteria 

There should be clear criteria in determining who will get the promotion. Everyone needs to know about these criteria before you start the selection process. Every aspect should be clear and easy to understand. You can also follow a point system so that everyone will know where they stand once the selection is over.

Let everyone know about the post

Open the post to all employees who want to give it a shot. Some of them know where they stand and how slim their chances are. Despite that, they still want to give it a try because they might aim for another position in the future. They want to know the process so they can do better next time. Others really want the position, and they believe that they deserve to have it.

Don’t let personal biases get in the way

The worst thing you can do is have personal biases and allow them to get in the way. Many people who desire to move up the corporate ladder might feel discouraged because of these biases. Make sure you don’t prioritize your friends or family members who are working for the company. Decide based on the clear criteria and not on your favourites. It also helps if there’s a panel to decide so that no single individual can skew the decision in favour of one employee.

Create practical tests 

If the position requires specific skills and technical expertise, you can come up with a practical test. If you need a leader to head a certain program or project, you can also ask them to present something. You can test how good they are at presenting their ideas and responding to questions during the presentation. It will also help if the room has a projector ceiling bracket to have no issues during the presentation. It’s not necessarily your basis for deciding, but it will help a lot. It’s better to know how the employee will perform if given a chance to move higher.

Take the selection process seriously. You don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t valued in the business. Apart from promoting the wrong person, you might also end up making the best employees leave. They will look for a new company where they feel valued and understood. They might even go to the competitors, which is the worst thing to happen.


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