What Is Building Automation And How Does A Building Automation System Work?

What is building automation?

Building automation allows you to automate any space or building intelligently.

A building automation system is composed of an operations centre, which collects information from any object or device with an internet connection such as electrical appliances, light points, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, etc. It then processes it and issues orders that automate certain established actions, helping to improve the user’s quality of life.

Automation systems can be controlled comfortably from a tablet, computer or mobile. With this advantage, the user can program different scenarios that suit their needs. They can control different tasks within the premises remotely and even program them remotely in a fully automated system.

How does building automation work?

Building automation is the automation and control applied a building, which is carried out by different devices in an automation system. Normally they use a WiFi network to interactively communicate with each other and to connect with the user.

The terminals are usually lighting devices or light points, building appliances, commercial air conditioning and ventilation equipment, blinds and awnings or any equipment with the ability to follow the instructions of an algorithm or program previously established by the user and with the possibility of change according to their interests. As a consequence, automation allows a higher quality of life, reduces work, increases well-being and safety, and rationalizes energy consumption.

Energy-saving through building automation

Building automation systems help to save electricity, fuel and water. Thanks to this system, lighting, air conditioning, domestic hot water, irrigation, etc. can be intelligently managed. Using the lowest cost hourly rates, and thus reducing energy bills.

Also, through the use of a consumption monitoring system, the user will be able to be aware of the energy consumption of the building. Since building automation will provide you with the necessary information to modify your habits and increase your savings and efficiency.

Air conditioning and automation

One of the ways building automation can be applied is in air conditioning. This great advantage offers comfort throughout the building and allows the user to have full control of the air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems from their mobile device.

Thanks to automated heating regulation systems, the building can be adapted depending on the variation in the outside temperature, the time of day, the area of ​​the building or the presence of people.

On the other hand, the intelligent automatic control of awnings, blinds and curtains in the building allows the solar energy to be used to the maximum.

Building automation systems also detect the opening and closing of windows and notify the user if there are open windows when the air conditioning is activated.

Smart buildings through automation

A smart building is one where the user manages to communicate with the building through integrated building automation, achieving maximum comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Building automation opens up endless possibilities for applications:

  • Automation and control: This area is one of the most demanded. The user has full control over the opening and closing of lighting, blinds, air conditioning systems, awnings, windows, doors, locks, water supply, gas and electrical appliances in general.
  • Security: Control any type of intrusion through surveillance cameras or personal alarms. And through technical alarms that allow detecting fires, gas leaks, etc.
  • Scenario programming: Thanks to the predefined scenarios, the smart building is ordered which scenario to adopt at any time. For example, if the building is going to be empty for some time, the lights or blinds can be programmed to switch on and off. Or remotely program the temperature of the building at an exact time.
  • Notifications:  Either by smartphone or email, the building automation app will notify if someone enters or exits from monitored zones.

Final thoughts

More and more people are investing in the digitization of their buildings and the installation of building automation systems has begun to get cheaper. With a small but smart investment, it will allow you not only to get back what you invested but also respect the environment. The cost of the investment will depend on the level of automation you want to install.


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