With the Pandemic fast-tracking the Digitalized Adoption, Mena’s IT spending to touch $171bn in 2021

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As per the Consultancy Report by Gartner, the overall finance on the Information technology within the Middle East as well as North Africa, is set to expand at 4.5 percent annually and touch $171.3 Billion within this year as the core businesses are upsurging digitization amidst the current ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

It also added out that the Chief Information Officer within the territory will upsurge their spending over servers, applications as well as the infrastructural software for aiding up the digitalization efforts as well as hybrid work models etc.

The Research Vice President, John Lovelock at Gartner stated out that: “IT projects were either put on hold or cancelled because of Covid-19 … as the situation in the region improves and businesses understand the true value of a resilient digital ecosystem, IT spending will return to a pre-pandemic growth rate.”

Gartner also stated out that an upsurge within the remote work will be one amongst the core factors powering out the expansion of IT Investment. Firms are all set to upsurging their overall spending on smartphone devices as well as remotest working technologies like the desktop-as-a-service software.

The territory will also view the IT spending return for pre-pandemic levels or even getting amassed for over the subsequent two years.

As per the report, in an overall the Communication Services sector will also witness the biggest IT Outlay amongst the five core sectors anticipated, totalling an overall $116.8Bn. The remaining over $54.5bn will be taken towards upgrading the data centres, devices, enterprise software as well as the IT services.

Mr Lovelock stated that: “In the first quarter of 2021, projects such as ‘remote work visas’, ‘Smart Dubai 2021’ and other economic policy regulations were launched … these are expected to boost technology investments in the region.”

The enterprise software will have an understanding regarding the maximum annual growth at 14.5 percent per year. Other sectors will be registered only a single digit progress extending between 2.5 percent and 8.7 percent.

He also further stated out that: “Different economies have reacted differently to the pandemic … while 2020 slowed the growth of IT in the region, the K-shaped recovery has begun faster in this region, as compared to Asia and Latin America.”

The preceding year, IT spending within the territory has expanded to 2.7 percent on an annual basis. As per the Gartner’s report, most of the arena’s witnessed a flat expansion, except for the communication services that upsurge 7.2 percent.


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