Within 2019 Dhs229Bn worth of trade exchange was done between UAE as well as GCC

Image Credit: - Neil-Dodhia/Pixabay.com

As according to the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Younis Haji Al Khouri, stated out that there is a 4 percent upsurge in 2018 in the Trade agreement within UAE as well as GCC states that accounted in for around Dhs229Bn within 2019.

Al Khouri within a statement in official news agency WAM stated out that: “The GCC inhabitants’ funds in UAE joint stock firms hit Dhs41.453bn in 2019, an 11 percent upsurge over the preceding year, while real estate transactions directed by GCC investors accounted to around Dhs1.294bn.”

The GCC inhabitants operating within UAE government arena until 2019 accounted 1,826, 3 percent upsurge comparatively to 2018, while those operating within private arena accounted to 7,332 during 2019, 16 percent upsurge since 2018.

Al Khouri also added that total account of GCC inhabitants owning the UAE based properties upsurged 10 percent to 48,535 in 2019, as comparatively to that as witnessed in 2018, while the account of business licences as awarded for the GCC investors accounted for 29,352, overall expansion of 9 percent. Meanwhile, the overall GCC shareholders within the joint stock firms expanded to 2,04,032 within the year 2019.

Al Khouri also noted out that total of 9,426 GCC inhabitants are presently advancing from pensions in the UAE, while those in receipt of social insurance aids touched 5,478. Saudi Arabia has become UAE’s top trading partner, with a cumulative account of Dhs113.2bn in trade in 2019, tailed by Oman at Dhs48bn.

In the aftermath of the agreement, the UAE regenerated all land, sea and air ports with Qatar for inbound and outbound crusade commencing January 9th.


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