Within 2020 Bahrain has been awarded around $4.1Bn worth of Contracts

Image Credit: - onasama/Pixabay.com

Bahrain government granted 1,688 tenders worth $4.1bn in 2020 as comparatively to $4.8bn in 2019, a 1.46 percent decline Year on Year.

As according to latest data out by the Bahrain Tender Board – the nation’s government procurement supervisor, the oil sector powered with 228 tenders valued at $1.6bn (BHD598.1m).

In second place was the building and engineering sector with 317 tenders valued overall cumulatively at $875.7m (BHD330.1m). This kingdom has a conduit of ongoing infrastructure projects worth $32bn.

The aviation, materials as well as apparatus, and services segments observed out a total accumulated worth of $638.2m (BHD240.6m), $606.1m (BHD228.5m) and $424.8m (BHD160.1m) worth of tenders that were granted out respectively. While bringing up the back in terms of value of agreements, the services sector was approved the highest number of contracts, at 599.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) too witnessed out a considerable growth over preceding year – in terms of both number of tenders issued and overall worth of tenders.

“[The year] 2020 has proven one of the most challenging and unpredictable years globally for businesses in all sectors across the board,” said Shaikh Nayef bin Khalid Al Khalifa Chairman of the Tender Board. “Despite these less than friendly conditions, throughout the year, Bahrain has awarded an impressive 1,688 contracts valued at well over $4bn.”

In 2019 the MoH was granted 93 tenders, that was overall of worth $123.8m (BHD46.7m). In 2020 the MoH awarded 137 tenders overall of worth $298.1m (BHD112.4m) – an overall triple upsurge in value.

This surge in spending is accredited to the kingdom’s retort to the Covid-19 pandemic, including investment in a track and trace app, testing, vaccinations, hospital robots, car park conversions to hospitals and more. A record number of tenders were awarded to the SME sector during 2020, worth a total of $145.4m (BHD54.96m).


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