Within the year 2021, the global second biggest phone maker Apple has invested around $2.8 Bn in 17 renewable power projects


The global second-biggest phone manufacturer, Apple in a pursuit to impetus for the achievement of its target for turning out to become Carbon-Neutral by cease of this decade, the overall investment was valued at $2.8 Billion, it elevated via greener bonds to fund in 17 renewable power projects as in the preceding year 2020.

The typical green bonds are source of fixed-income device that upsurges finance for renewable power, climate as well as environmental schemes.

In a statement given by Apple’s Vice President of the Environment, Policy as well as Social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, stated that: “Apple is dedicated to protecting the planet we all share with solutions that are supporting the communities where we work.”

Ms Jackson further stated that: “We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to fight against the impacts of climate change and our $4.7bn investment of the proceeds from our green bond sales is an important driver in our efforts. Ultimately, clean power is good business.”

The phone major has in fact, notched up a total worth of $4.7Bn via three green bond dealings and that its primary motive is on spending for renewable projects is among the major focus in the private sector universally.

Three green bond deals are: –

  • In February 2016, the establishment issued its initial $1.5bn green bond,
  • Then after there was a $1bn deal in June 2017 and
  • At last, a $2.2bn dealing that was completed in November 2019.

The Cupertino backed firm is hugely investing in technologies to aid their partners for creating sustainable adoptions.

The preceding year, it finalized the structure of two of the global major onshore wind turbines in Denmark. They are anticipated to manufacture 62-gigawatt hours energy every year – enough to influence almost 20,000 homes.

Top tech industries have set rolling out numerous eco-friendly prospects in the past few months.

In June, Amazon hurled a Climate Pledge Fund, with an opening funding of $2bn, to invest in sustainable technologies and services. The latest investment programme will aid the Amazon to unleash its vision of becoming a carbon neutral firm within the year 2040.

The preceding July, Apple devoted to become carbon neutral across its entire commercial prospects, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030. This depicts that every Apple device traded will have net zero climate effect in the subsequent ten years.

In September, Google swore in to operate all its campuses as well as data centres on carbon-free power by 2030.


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